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What started in Jeff Bezos’ garage in Washington in 1994 has grown to become the largest online retail platform on this planet. Amazon is now one of the most valuable companies in the world, and certainly one of the most visited sites too.

As a shrewd consumer, you may be wondering how to get free stuff on Amazon. Yes, there are indeed some hacks that you can use to get freebies! We’ve put together the best ways you can get free stuff on Amazon that we could find.

Free Stuff Announcement

1. Offer Your Product Review To The Seller

There are millions of products online. How do products stand out among the crowd? A key way to gain the favor of Amazon’s algorithm is through positive reviews. The more four-star and five-star reviews a certain product has, the more likely it will surface on the top of Amazon’s search result pages, and the more likely it will generate more sales.

To win the Amazon game, many sellers may be willing to give you a free product in exchange for a product review. Here are the steps to get free stuff on Amazon through product reviews:

  1. Log into your Amazon account
  2. Search for a product you want on Amazon
  3. Scroll through the search results until you find a listing with few to no reviews; these are the sellers who are most likely to negotiate with you. You may have to skip the first few pages to find a product that you like and meets this criteria.
  4. Message the seller through Amazon to ask if he or she is willing to give you a free product in exchange for an honest Amazon review.

Just make sure you provide a review based on your honest feedback, even if you may be receiving the product for free. Of course, if the product meets or exceeds your expectation, do your best to showcase the benefits of the product, since it will help the seller in the long run. 

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2. Join Facebook Groups

When it comes to finding free stuff on Amazon, Facebook can be your friend. There are many Facebook groups dedicated to matching sellers to buyers who are willing to leave reviews. In these types of Facebook groups, Amazon sellers advertise their product listings and offer free items to buyers in the hopes of receiving positive reviews. 

Finding these groups isn’t difficult. Simply type in phrases like “Amazon hacks”, “Amazon freebies”, and “Amazon free stuff” on Facebook, and you will find the groups that fit with that description. You will want to join groups that have been established for a while and have frequent posting activities to increase your chances of finding a product that you will enjoy using.

Amazon Vine Program

3. Get Invited to the Amazon Vine Program

If you want to get free stuff on Amazon consistently, you may want to try getting into the Amazon Vine program. Amazon Vine is an invitation-only program. Invited program participants, known as Vine Voices, are selected primarily based on the helpfulness of their existing Amazon reviews (as judged by all customers) and by their demonstrated interest in the types of products featured in the program. Customers who consistently write helpful reviews and develop a reputation for expertise in specific product categories are most likely to be invited into the Amazon Vine program. 

Once you are part of the program, you will start receiving tons of new, pre-release items provided by publishers, labels, studios, manufacturers, or any vendor participating in the program, for free! You will then be asked to provide an honest opinion about the products, positive or negative, the same way you have been writing reviews for other products you pay for. 

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4. Become a Buyer on

Want to know how to get free things from Amazon? Become a buyer on, one of the fastest-growing discount websites for Amazon products, which collects the latest deals to help buyers save money. Some of their Amazon deals offer as much as a 100% discount, meaning you can get the products completely free!

The process is easy, so just follow these steps to get free stuff on Amazon:

  1. Create a Cashbackbase buyer account and complete your profile
  2. Browse the site to find a deal you like
  3. Claim a deal
  4. Contact the seller or wait for the seller’s approval.
  5. After the seller approves, purchase the item on Amazon and upload your order info within 1 day.
  6. One you make your order, the seller will verify your order info and issue a refund (could be as much as your total purchase!) to your PayPal. currently supports three marketplaces, including Amazon U.S., Amazon UK, and Amazon Italy.

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5. Trade in Your Used Electronics

Do you have old electronics you haven’t touched in a long time? It is time to put them to good use by trading them in through the Amazon Trade-in program! The program accepts thousands of eligible items, including Amazon devices, cell phones, video games, and more! When you trade in used electronics, you will receive an gift card to be used toward your future purchases, and may even receive a discount on a new Amazon device right away.

The trade-in process is easy and convenient, not to mention shipping is also covered by Amazon. All devices received are either restored and re-sold, or recycled through an Amazon-certified recycler, so it’s a great option for more reasons than just getting you free stuff on Amazon.

6. Get 5GB Free Storage With Amazon Photos

If you are looking for a place to backup your photos and videos, Amazon Photos can be a great option. Amazon Photos comes with a mobile app (iOS and Android), a web app, and a desktop app, and anyone can get 5GB storage for free. You can truly figure out how to get anything for free on Amazon!

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you have access to unlimited full-resolution photo storage, and 5GB of video storage.

7. Find Free Kindle eBooks 

If you are a book lover and wondering how to get stuff for free on Amazon, then free Kindle eBooks could be the right hack for you. You may be surprised to find out how many free Kindle eBooks are available on Amazon. Some are free because they are out of copyright, and some are free because they are part of a special promotion offered for a limited time. The easiest way to find free Kindle eBooks is to type in “free Kindle eBooks” on Amazon, and then sort by “Price: low to high” to find the free books.

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Use All These Hacks to Get the Most Free Stuff on Amazon

Shopping on Amazon has never been easier, and finding free stuff on Amazon has never been easier, either! If you are interested in getting the best freebies, you should try these seven hacks to get free stuff on Amazon ASAP. You could walk away with some awesome free products, books, cloud storage, and more!

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