Father’s Day is celebrated worldwide to recognize the contribution that fathers and father figures make to the lives of their children.

The idea of a special day to celebrate & honor fatherhood was first introduced in the United States. In US, Father’s Day has been celebrated since June, 1910. It is celebrated on third Sunday of June every year.

Piggy lists down types of dads and the perfect (free, reasonably priced or DIY) gifts to give them on June 17th!

Rocker Dad

There was a time when Dad rocked out in concerts and inside his room with the stereo on full blast too! Bring back memories of those good ol’ days by making a compilation of his favorite tunes in a CD. Make your gift extra unique by asking Mom to help you find live versions of his fave songs. This will take some time to finish (you might need to borrow CDs or ask for mp3s from Dad’s friends), so make sure you start early!

Green-thumbed Dad

Give Dad something green to thumbs up about! Ask Mom to bring you to a weekend market where you can buy potted herbs (such as peppermint, basil and chives).

Stylish Dad

Up Dad’s dapper style with the classic black bow tie! These days, bow ties don’t necessarily need to go with a suit. Dad can be decked out in a casual shirt and still look hip wearing a bow tie. And no need to worry about learning how to tie one. There are shops that offer ready-made bow ties at very reasonable prices!

Car Buff Dad

Dad loves the family car to bits and likes having it nice and clean. Instead of letting him pay for a car wash, take up the sponge this Father’s Day. Wake up early and surprise him with a clean, shiny automobile. Get some tips before you wash Dad’s car though! Ask Mom to help you sift through the many car wash tutorials on Youtube and figure out how to get Dad’s car as squeaky clean as possible.

No matter how famous or successful we are, our first identity is that of someone’s son or daughter. Salute to all dads!

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