The Golden Globes Red Carpet brings out the good, the bad and the shocking when it comes to celebrity fashion. We’re checking out the most risky and memorable outfits from ceremonies before. Get ready to drop your jaw as I reveal the two outfits that tricked us all from the front!

Jennifer Lopez in 2015

You can always rely on J-Lo to bring a bold look to the red carpet. She made sure all eyes were on her when she rocked up to the Golden Globes in a caped Zuhair Murad design.

She matched the bright silver accents in her gown with her Lorraine Schwartz Jewels. Her Stuart Weitzman heels were just as sparkly. It wasn’t just the bling that grabbed all the attention. It was the amount of flesh that was on show. The dress had a plunging neckline so low and revealing, you would think she would have left the flesh display at that. The dress certainly left us speechless.

Lara Flynn Boyle in 2003

You’d think that there are certain codes of conduct that attendees of red carpet events are expected to sign. If such protocol exists, Lara Flynn Boyle sure loves to ignore the orders. Her Golden Globes appearance in 2003 will go down in history as one of the most jaw-dropping outfits to ever grace the award ceremony.

We get the appeal of the ballerina look. Yes, Sarah Jessica Parker gave tulle mini skirts an undeniable appeal when she wore that iconic piece in “Sex and the City” title sequence.

Lara’s ballerina look not only featured a pink tutu, she also had pink lace-up slippers on.

Diane Keaton in 2004

One of the easiest ways to match your accessories to your gown is to go with the same color. But you can take that style a bit too far, as Diane Keaton proved at the Golden Globes in 2004, The actress was a big winner that night, taking home the trophy for best actress. It’s hard to know where to begin with this outfit, as there are so many aspects to it. It was the overall combination of it that left everyone surprised.

credits: Reuters (2)

A white gown topped with a white coat with a high collar was one step too far. She also have a long string of white pearls and a pair of silvery white boots. And of course, the white gloves.

Courtney Love in 2000

She wore an outrageous Galliano gown to the award ceremony having us all stumped. It does look like the dress had been ripped into pieces by a paper shredder. it’s amazing that the dress did not let out more flesh than what would be appropriate, given that the bodice part of the gown was just hanging off her chest. Fortunately, all those rips were positioned in just the right way to stay on the correct side of the censors.

Kate Hudson in 2006

Kate Hudson posed on the red Carpet in what looked like a three-piece number. As she faced the front, the actress’ mermaid-style outfit seemed as if it comprised of a choker, bandeau crop top and floor-length skirt.

Kate Hudson at the Golden Globes in Los Angeles

When the actress turned around, onlookers got an even bigger shock. The supposed three-piece design was actually all connected up in the back. She’d fooled everyone with her Michael Kors collection outfit.

I was hoping I could get my hands on such a shimmery peach piece of perfection. Kudos to Kate for pulling such a great reveal out of the bag.

Emma Watson in 2014

This is my top favorite so far. Emma Watson rocked up to the red carpet with a new look. The actress put an unusual combination together. When you see her from the front you’re none the wiser. However, when the “Harry Potter” star turned around, she revealed an eye-catching surprise. Not only her Dion gown have an open back, but it is also revealed that Emma was wearing black cropped trousers underneath. She finished her look with blue suede Roger Vivier pumps. She set a trend for wearing what was to become known as a “pants-gown”.

Which dress shocked you the most? Let me know in the comments below.

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