If you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves high-tech gadgets, it’s hard to go wrong with these options. Even better is that many of these items are available at places like Best Buy, Target, Amazon and other popular retailers – that means by installing a browser extension like Piggy and shopping online, you may be able get a discounted price or other special offers like free shipping that can make them more affordable too. In fact, you might save so much that you can gift yourself too.

Apple TV 4K

The latest version of Apple TV is widely available and comes with 4K-resolution video. That delivers four times more pixels than your standard HDTV, resulting in crisper, sharper content from sites like Netflix that produces its original shows all in 4K. It supports high-dynamic range, or HDR, too, bringing higher-contrast video and that real-life look. Plus, any HD movie you’ve already purchased on iTunes will be automatically upgraded to 4K, if it’s available in 4K, of course.

Apple TV 4K is a significant upgrade in picture quality over its predecessor according to most Apple analysts, as though the show and the characters are bursting through the screen.

Amazon Echo

This is one you really might want to think about as a gift for yourself – or by downloading the Piggy browser extension, coupons available for use on Amazon will be automatically applied, so why not get one for yourself and a friend? The second generation of the Alexa-enabled smart assistant by Amazon, the Echo, boasts six styles to choose from, including wood and fabric veneers, along with an upgraded speaker with Dolby processing. You can ask it to read you the news, play music, set an alarm, buy something and more.

Fitbit Flyer

When Apple eliminated the headphone jack, there was an ongoing search for the ideal pair of Bluetooth headphones. Arguably the one that came out on top was the Fitbit Flyer. These headphones are comfortable and stylish as well as sweat-proof. They’re available in navy blue or gray and come with a built-in microphone, an adjustable cable and other high-tech features. With a shorter cord, there’s no mess to untangle either.

Special Star Wars Edition Samsung POWERbot

If you’re looking to go all out for that Star Wars fan who has everything, this Stormtrooper or Darth Vader robotic vacuum is a no-brainer. Not only is it fun, your recipient will get to hear their favorite Star War’s responses to the control button commands and it provides the sophisticated technology of a robotic vacuum, navigating a home or office with ease, cleaning up every corner of a room. With luck on your side, you may even be able to score a great discount on a Samsung POWERbot too.

Bluetooth Tracking Tag

Ideal for the friend who is always losing something – from car keys to smartphones, the Bluetooth Tracking tag is a no-brainer. This high-tech gadget is affordable, available on sites like Amazon, Best Buy and UncommonGoods, yet attractive and can be attached to all sorts of items, not only keys and cell phones but things like a TV remote. If an item goes missing, they’ll simply use the free companion app, available on iOS, to play a vibration and sound to help them find it. If it’s within a 160-foot range, score! No more panicking or spending hours searching.

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