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Heroic Creatures: These Animals Make Life Easier!



Check out the different ways that animals improve the lives of their human companions.

Busy Bees

Do you know that without bees, we would have a very limited supply of food? You see, bees are responsible for pollinating a whole lot of crops, including apples, onions, and tomatoes. If you’re not exactly a fan of them, think that bees also pollinate plants that go into certain animals’ feeds. Makes you realize how much we need bees, doesn’t it?

Dogs in Service

These are dogs that assist people with disabilities. They help in executing tasks that are close to impossible for these people to perform. For example, there’s the guide dog for the visually impaired. They keep their humans safe by acting as their eyes. We hear many stories of guide dogs putting their lives on the line for their masters, and for this we honor them for their love and loyalty.

Farmer’s Friend

The Asian water buffalo is a common sight in the Philippine countryside. They help plow the field, provide milk, and can also be used in transportation. It’s no wonder farmers count these hardworking animals as beloved faithful companions!

Studying with Sea Lions!

Humans are great swimmers, but they’re nowhere as great as sea lions! This is why we need these sea mammals to go where only a few brave souls have ventured; the unfathomable depths of the sea! Armed with a sensor, these tagged creatures help experts conduct further research on the sea.

Fun Fact: Mos people think that one dog year is equivalent to seven human years. Although this may be in a sense true, It is not always as accurate. Each breed and type of dog may age and mature differently. A small breed of dog may mature faster than a large dog and their life span is longer. Therefore, the equivalent age of a dog to human years will vary based on breed. The same is true for cats. Although people have different conversion values for their age, one thing is for sure—cats mature really fast during the first year of life. For example, cats can be considered 18 human years after a year.

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