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Make your holiday shopping friendly on your savings.

Make your holiday shopping friendly on your savings.


The holiday season is fast approaching. It is a time for family, friends, feasting, and gift giving. The problem is, we do not control our spending habits and end up in debt that takes months to pay for.

Studies show that 56% of Americans charge more than a thousand dollars on their credit cards throughout the holidays. 16% of them will take more than six months to pay the charges off.

This could be the year that you can turn this around. Debt experts can show you how to break excessive habits, and reduce existing debt in easy and effective ways. Check out for details.

However, this does not mean you cannot enjoy your holidays. Nor does it mean you have to show up empty-handed at parties or reunions. By making a plan and a budget using your own creativity, you can have a more personal and touching gift-giving season.

Below you will find some budget-friendly, fun, and creative gifts that will fit into any budget.

Remember: Always think about the person you are giving a gift to. Identify things that cost them money that they simply will not give up. By giving a gift that will save them money all year, you have increased the value of the gift by 12 times. Here are a few ideas:

Coffee lovers

Take a look at your list. There are probably at least a few coffee lovers. These are folks who love coffee and are willing to wait in line for half an hour to get it every day.

There are several single-cup coffee makers made by well-known companies for under $50. If you have two coffee lovers on your list, you can make a really great gift that each will love. Purchase the coffee maker of your choice. Purchase a variety pack of flavored coffee pods. Pick up some liquid syrup for flavors. Buy each of them a nice coffee mug. Divide the coffee and syrups (you can divide a bottle of syrup into two smaller clear bottles) and label them with a pretty marker. Tie ribbon around the top for a festive, homemade look. Place the coffees, syrups, and mug into a small gift basket filled with tissue paper shreds. You have just given a gourmet coffee gift to two people for around $125.00. This gift will allow them to save money every day by skipping the coffee shop.

Combine your hobby with their need

Do you love to cook? If you do, take a look at that gift list again. Are there any young mothers with infants on your list? Are there senior citizens that don’t get around well? How about college students?

Head to your local department store for a supply of plastic freezer containers with lids. Grab some white stick-on labels.

Now start cooking. You do not have to do all the cooking in one day. Prepare the food one day at a time and place them in the freezer. Do this until you have enough meals. On each container, write the name of the dish and the reheating instructions. Use holiday paper to wrap the outside of a cardboard box. Divide the frozen meals into the decorated box. Attach a holiday card explaining you are gifting them a reprieve from cooking for X amount of days. They will enjoy the homemade goodness and the personal attention.

Other Ideas:

  • Save money by giving gift cards for the after-Christmas sales. Big ticket items will be marked down and your dollar will go much further.
  • Instead of traditional name drawing, do a “Good Deed Draw”. Each person places their “good deed” gift on a card in a hat. Your deed could be a weekend of babysitting, four car washes, oil changes, yard raking, or tutoring; whatever you can contribute. Each person draws a deed from the hat and that is their gift. Everyone has fun and the gifts cost you nothing, money-wise.


Gift yourself this season with a stress-free and debt-free year. Happy Holidays!

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  1. Anne

    November 23, 2017 at 8:13 pm

    Thank you for this e-mail i like this

  2. Sonya Bansal

    December 13, 2017 at 5:20 pm

    These are great advice. It’s really best to make sure to think of the person you’re giving the gift to, so you know they’ll be able to use the gift you gave them. Especially for health-conscious people, there’ll be most certainly gifts people can give them that they’ll cherish for a lifetime.

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