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The Holiday Shopping Advice You Need

Halloween is behind us, and though feasts of turkey, cranberries, and stuffing are on the horizon there is something much bigger coming: holiday shopping! Every year around this time, holiday shoppers begin making their lists and checking them twice. Unlike that free-loader Santa Claus, these shopping lists not only incorporate what to get other people (and what to ask for), they also anticipate how to get the best discounts and take full advantage of holiday offers. Black Thursday, Black Friday, Cyber Monday – these are just a few of the holiday shopping days dedicated to great deals. But, deals aren’t exclusive to a handful of days, the holiday offers last all throughout the holiday shopping season. Even more important, holiday offers aren’t just exclusively price cuts. 

Becoming a savvy holiday shopper means thinking beyond a percent off, and getting strategic about your deal-seeking behaviors, which starts with doing your holiday shopping online. Luckily, we’re here to give you the best online holiday shopping tips, so you can become an A+ holiday shopper and understand what tool you need to get your holiday shopping done.

1. Look for Coupons

Coupons have evolved from the old school “Sunday coupon clipping.” Nowadays, finding a coupon is as easy as a Google search. If you have a browser extension on your desktop (if you don’t just scroll down to tip #3!) or an app on your phone, then finding a coupon will be a breeze.

Some holiday shoppers overlook the true value of a coupon because there are so many amazing deals already listed on store websites, but consider this: most coupons offer an alternative means of saving or supplemental discounts that can be combined with whatever the sale price is. You could end up saving more on the total cost by using a coupon for something like free shipping, or taking advantage of a percentage off offer  that could be greater than the already competitive sale discount!

A browser plugin like Piggy will give you the additional advantage of auto-finding coupons for you for whatever site you’re doing your holiday shopping on. That means even if you forget to search for a coupon before getting to a checkout screen, Piggy will find the coupons for you! Piggy will also be able to check the available coupons and calculate how much you’ll save, ensuring you get the deepest discount added to your cart automatically.

2. Don’t Forget About Cash Back

holding money

Cash back is one of those holiday shopping tips that is all too often forgotten! There could be hidden savings just waiting for you this holiday season if you pay attention to cash back, and you could even end up saving more than you expect while spending more.

Cash back is key during holiday shopping season. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the likes are great days for combining deals, but cash back is persistent throughout the holiday season. You can even find cash back holiday offers that increase during “off-periods” for holiday shopping. Even beyond those big discount days, you’ll find an abundance of savings with cash back holiday offers.

Always remember that cash back offers will fluctuate, so you can find good cash back deals on key holiday shopping dates, but you can also find even better cash back offers on days you wouldn’t normally shop. You’ll have to keep an eye out for things like cash back flash deals or increases for a short period of time that retailers might throw out at the last minute to boost sales.

One of our best online holiday shopping tips related to cash back is to make sure you follow your favorite stores on Piggy’s website, so you’ll be alerted every time a new holiday offer goes live!

3. Think Beyond Products

shopping for clothes

Everyone loves the idea of opening a present during the holidays, but not everyone wants something materialistic. Trips, activities, adventures – these are all things that speak to many too! Don’t think that choosing an experience-based gift means you have to give up the chance to take advantage of discounts, cash back, coupons, or any other holiday offers. There are plenty of deals on experiences available around the holidays too! The trick is knowing where to look.

That’s where Piggy can help save the day once again, in addition to the research you should do. You’ll want to get creative with where you search for experiential gifts. Travel sites are great, but there are plenty of sites dedicated to finding local experiences for you to purchase as well as online retail sites that have experiences available for purchase too (such as Groupon).

Our Best Holiday Shopping Advice: Use Piggy!

Piggy install

As you may have guessed by now, the tool that can help you apply all of these online holiday shopping tips is the Piggy browser extension. Using Piggy will help you find discounts faster, take advantage of deals easier, and find the best price in a flash!

Here’s how to install Piggy in four easy steps:

  1. Head to Joinpiggy.com
  2. Click on the “Add to Chrome” button
  3. Install the Plugin
  4. Start your holiday shopping & saving!

What are you waiting for? Start using our holiday shopping tips by installing Piggy now!

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