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Spruce Up Your Home With A Midyear Makeover



Let Piggy help you snag those fab home pieces at really cool prices!

Make it a point to keep your home on-trend, too!


You’ve done all the spring cleaning, and you’re looking around your home thinking, “Now that everything’s in tip-top shape, I would really like to refresh my décor, too.” As spring moves into summer, it’s the perfect time to give your home a midyear makeover. Here are three up-and-coming interior design trends to consider:

1. Color

Interior color this year is focused on blue, from cool aqua to deep indigo. Blue is trending worldwide and was named the world’s favorite color in 2015 and has been on trend since. Use dark shades of blue as a neutral and light shades as accents. You can pair the aqua color theme with sea image accents, another new trend this year.

2. Metallic Accents

Metallic accents are everywhere this year. They’re popular because they bring life to a room, and they come in so many colors that it’s easy to incorporate them into your design. Choose warm, burnished metals or bright, iridescent finishes; both are popular right now.

3. Pattern

We’ve been seeing pattern creeping back slowly after years of solid-color finishes on everything. Designers are using pattern to add visual interest while keeping the look completely modern. One particularly hot trend is wallpaper. Mix and match it with patterned rugs, pillows, and throws. Some designers like to pair graphic patterns in contrasting colors, while others like the softer look of multiple big floral prints.


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  • For other metallic accents, shop at Lamps Plus, and not just for lamps. It also offers metallic picture frames and metal wall art. Piggy lets you get up to 50 percent off and 4 percent cash back until 07/23/2017.


HomeGoods conducted a survey that found 47 percent of Americans haven’t updated their home decor in the last five years, and 9 percent haven’t in more than 10 years. Don’t be one of them!