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Top Things Every Home Office Should Have

Working from home is quickly becoming a new normal for many people. While remote work definitely has its benefits, like trading in your button-ups for yoga pants and having a 30-second commute, it can pose some challenges as well, especially if you are new to the game.

Having a designated office space in your home is a great way to get in the right mindset for work and helps maintain a good work-life balance. Now, this does not mean you have to start a whole room renovation project; whatever space you have is just fine! But there are a few home office essentials that can boost your productivity at home and help you win your workweek.

Here is a list of nine things every home office should have and where to find them for a great price, so you can create a productive home office on a budget. No matter what you decide to buy, don’t forget to shop using the Piggy extension for even bigger savings too!

office desk and work station

1. Quality Desk

Sure, working from your bed or the couch sounds great! And some days, that is perfectly okay. But it isn’t the best option if you are going to be working from home long-term. Having a desk or office table sets the foundation for a great remote work environment, literally. Whether you prefer a traditional sit-down desk or feel your most productive with a standing desk, IKEA is a great place to find the best deals on desks of any kind. You can find functional desks under $100 and even create your dream workstation by combining a few IKEA pieces.

good laptop

2. Reliable Computer

What is a desk without a good desktop? When it comes to home office necessities, having a reliable computer is key. Depending on what your job requires, you may need a desktop, a lightweight laptop, or a portable 2 in 1. No matter what kind of device you are looking for, you can find great deals at Best Buy. Not only does Best Buy have regular sales and promotions, they also price match competitors and even Amazon prices, so you can shop knowing you will get the best price possible.

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comfortable office chair

3. Comfortable Chair

A good quality office chair is key for staying comfortable and productive throughout your workday, making it one of the most important home office essentials. Check out Staples for some of the best desk chair deals around. You can find great office chairs for as low as $60, or shop by brand or chair type to find exactly what you are looking for. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for regular Staples sales and coupons for even more savings too!

bright room working space

4. Good Lighting

Never underestimate the power of good lighting. Try setting up your desk next to a window for natural light if you can. Otherwise, one of the best ways to brighten up your workspace is with a good office lamp. Not only does it help wake you up for those early morning conference calls, but it also makes a great piece of office décor!

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5. Charging Station

When you’re working from home, it is inevitable that you will have a few devices going at once, which means cords galore. To help keep everything organized, create your own charging station with a good surge protector. Office Max has a variety of options, especially if you are setting up your home office on a budget. From basic power strips to heavy-duty surge protectors that include USB ports, you can make sure all of your devices are ready to go anytime.

6. Wi-Fi Booster

Chances are, you won’t be the only one using Wi-Fi at home during the day. Perhaps there are other remote workers in your household, or maybe your kids are logging into their classes from home right now. To make sure that everybody stays connected, try adding a Wi-Fi booster to your office setup. Home Depot has a great selection of Wi-Fi extenders and boosters for as low as $19.99!

desktop organizer

7. Organizational Tools

The absolute best way to boost your productivity while working from home is to stay as organized as possible. The Container Store has tons of amazing products to ensure maximum organization, including filing cabinets, desktop storage, cable management, paper boxes, and much more. Check out the office category to find the perfect products to fit in your home office on a budget.

calendar and working area

8. Desktop Calendar

A great home office must-have is a desktop calendar or planner. Not only does it help you manage your work week, it is also an easy way to add a little décor to your desk. Target has an excellent selection of beautiful desktop calendars and stylish planners to choose from at affordable prices.

pens, papers and stickies

9. The Usual, Home Office Must Haves

Now that you’ve found the best home office table deals and have your perfect desk ready to go, it’s time to load it up with productivity boosters! The things every home office should have look a little different for everybody, but even the smallest items can make a big difference. Think pens, sticky notes, push pins, folders, tape, highlighters, and the list goes on and on! Home office must haves like these can help to add a pop of color or a little bit of style to your desk as well. 

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Bonus Tip: Add Some Greenery!

Now, this last item is not considered a home office necessity, but it does make a big difference. To make your home office on a budget, without losing any coziness, try adding a desktop plant or some hanging greenery to your workspace! Lowes has a large selection of live seasonal plants at affordable prices, or if your thumb isn’t so green, shop their faux plants for the same effect. Getting the best home office essentials doesn’t have to take you too far out of your comfort zone, or your break the bank!

For the absolute best prices on home office essentials, don’t forget to use the Piggy extension to automate your coupons and cash back when you shop!

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