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With over 17,000 stores across the United States, Dollar General is one of the most popular dollar stores in America. Low everyday prices and popular brands make it easy to understand why this dollar store titan is so beloved.

And, if you’re wondering how to save money at Dollar General, you can also push your savings further. By couponing at Dollar General, you can slash already low prices to get the most value for every dollar you spend.

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10 Tips for Couponing at Dollar General

1. Use DG Weekly Ads

One of the easiest ways to learn how to coupon at Dollar General is to browse DG Weekly Ads. The DG Weekly Ads booklet is essentially an online coupon and deals insert for Dollar General. It highlights products that are on sale, coupons, and other store promotions that are going on.

Get in the habit of checking DG Weekly Ads before heading to the store. After all, it’s the fastest, easiest way to find savings.

2. Download The Dollar General App

One perk of downloading the Dollar General app is that you can view weekly ads right from your smartphone. However, the app also helps you coupon at Dollar General.

Within the app, there’s a digital coupons section where you can browse available Dollar General coupons. These are manufacturer coupons that grant a discount on various products and are completely free to use. If you spot a coupon you want, simply tap the “+” symbol on the coupon to clip it to your phone. When you’re at checkout, you can access clipped coupons within the app and show them to the cashier to redeem them for savings.

3. Use Piggy To Find Coupons

Did you know that Piggy can help you save even more at Dollar General? That’s right; Piggy users can enjoy additional Dollar General coupons and also earn up to 2% cash back by shopping online. Since Dollar General can ship right to your door, ordering online is a smart move if you want to save time and also earn cash back in the process.

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$5 Off $25 On Saturday coupons

4. Get $5 Off $25 On Saturdays

Another easy Dollar General couponing tip is to shop on Saturday if you have a slightly larger haul coming up. On Saturdays, Dollar General shoppers get $5 off any $25 purchase. This is another digital coupon, so you need to clip it to your smartphone or print it at home from the Dollar General website.

5. Understand Dollar General’s Coupon Policy

Learning how to use Dollar General coupons ultimately requires understanding the coupon policy. There’s nothing worse than preparing dozens of coupons in advance, only to find out most of them won’t work when you’re at the register or check out page.

According to Dollar General’s Coupon Policy, the main couponing rules to know include:

  • You can’t use free item coupons
  • Coupons needs a visible expiration date and barcode
  • Coupons must be original, not photocopies
  • BOGO coupons are eligible
  • You can stack one manufacturer coupon and one Dollar General coupon per item in a transaction
  • You can stack two or more Dollar General coupons on a single item unless coupons state otherwise

Stacking coupons is where you can find the most savings, so try to combine a manufacturer coupon and other Dollar General coupon whenever possible. Alternatively, use coupons on products that are on sale to secure even lower prices and maximize your couponing at Dollar General.

6. Use Additional Manufacturer Coupons

The Dollar General mobile app is one of your best resources for sourcing coupons. However, nothing stops you from gathering additional manufacturer coupons on your own to save even more. Keep an eye out in the weekly paper for coupon inserts for products you know are available at Dollar General. As long as you get to the store before they expire, this is an easy way to coupon at Dollar General even more effectively, without much additional effort.

Discover More Beginner Couponing Tips

mobile alert

7. Sign Up For DG Mobile Alerts

If you don’t mind getting promotional text messages, signing up for Dollar General mobile alerts is another way to find more deals and learn how to save money at Dollar General.

Every month, Dollar General texts its subscribers with offers and coupons. To sign up, all you do is text “SIGNUP” to 34898. Dollar General sends up to 12 texts per month. Texting “STOP” removes you from the mobile alerts program. Just note that standard message and data rates may apply.

8. Try To Get Overages

If you’re wondering how to extreme coupon at Dollar General, overages are your answer. Overages occur when the value of a coupon exceeds a product’s price. In other words, you saved so much you covered the entire cost of an item, and then some! Most retailers don’t acknowledge overages and just give you the product for free. However, some retailers, including Dollar General, apply the excess savings from overages to the rest of your shopping cart. So, if you manage to score an overage on a product at Dollar General, you’re truly maximizing the value of your coupons!

One way to achieve overages more easily is to look for clearance products and use your coupons there, since prices are already lower than normal.

9. Sign Up For DG Rewards

Dollar General Rewards is a must-join loyalty program for any frequent shopper. After all, this program is free to join and lets you earn discounts on your favorite products over time.

The program works by rewarding you with coupons after you spend a certain amount on a brand. Here are some examples of current DG Rewards offers:

  • General Mills: Earn $3 towards your next purchase of General Mills products when you spend $15 on the brand.
  • Mountain Dew: Buy five Mountain Dew products and get your next one for $0.01.
  • Armour Products: Earn $5 towards your next purchase of Armour Products when you spend $20 or more on the brand.

Dollar General tracks your progress towards rewards, so you don’t need to earn coupons in a single shopping trip unless the terms specifically state otherwise. In this sense, signing up for DG Rewards is a passive way to earn more coupons as you shop for brands you enjoy, and use any other ways how to coupon at Dollar General too.

10. Buy What’s On Sale & Look For Penny Deals

As mentioned, shopping for clearance products is an effective way to get coupon overages applied to your cart. However, what many shoppers don’t know about couponing at Dollar General is that you can also find products for as low as $0.01!

Dollar General sometimes runs Penny Deals to liquidate excess inventory or to get rid of products that are going out of season. The tricky part is these products aren’t always marked as Penny Deals; you might have to get lucky or ask the store manager if they have any items that are available at just $0.01. You can also use Dollar General coupons on Penny Deals, but in this case, it’s probably worth saving your coupon for a full-priced product where the full coupon value can be put to work.

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Start Saving Money With Dollar General Couponing!

It might seem silly to learn how to coupon at Dollar General, since prices are already incredibly low. However, it never hurts to save more of your money. Plus, Dollar General makes it easy for shoppers to find digital coupons and weekly deals. If you make use of all of the resources at your disposal and all our insider tricks, like shopping online with Piggy, there’s no reason to ever pay full price at Dollar General again.

Use Piggy to Save Even More Money At Dollar General

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