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With thousands of stores across the United States, Walgreens is one of the largest and most recognizable pharmacies in the country. In fact, there’s a decent chance you’ve probably visited Walgreens before to refill a prescription, buy health and wellness products, or even print out documents.

Walgreens already helps people save money with regular sales and competitive prices. However, if you want to take your savings to the next level, learning how to coupon at Walgreens is your best bet. Granted, Walgreens couponing can seem slightly intimidating at first because of the number of couponing options you have! Thankfully, once you learn how to use Walgreens coupons, you’ll be able to keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket whenever you shop.

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8 Money-Saving Tips for Couponing at Walgreens for Beginners

1. Join MyWalgreens

MyWalgreens, formerly known as Balance Rewards, is Walgreens’ free loyalty rewards program. If you want to coupon at Walgreens more effectively, this program is a must-join. 

After all, as a member, you unlock:

  • 1% cash back in the form of Walgreens Cash rewards for store purchases
  • 5% cash back on Walgreens’ branded products
  • Tailored offers and discounts based on products you’ve bought
  • Healthy tips and exclusive offers

Walgreens Cash is redeemable for discounts on future in-store and online purchases at Walgreens. Plus, earning 5% cash back for branded products isn’t anything to scoff at, and tailored discounts are another nifty way to save money.

2. Use The Walgreens App

The MyWalgreens program ensures you’re almost always saving money by earning Walgreens Cash. However, when it comes to extreme couponing at Walgreens, the Walgreens app is your best tool.

The app is home to a weekly ad section that highlights sales and promotions that run from Sunday to Saturday. This digital flyer includes sections like:

  • Deals of the week
  • Bonus Walgreens Cash offers
  • BOGO deals
  • Senior discounts

Plus, you can clip paperless coupons to your Walgreens account using the app! These coupons apply to both in-store and online purchases. If you prefer couponing from your phone instead of a coupon book, this feature massively simplifies your efforts to save.

3. Find Coupons & Deals With Piggy

Using online coupons at Walgreens is another effective method to save money on your health and wellness needs. Luckily, you can find Walgreens coupons, promo codes, and deals by using Piggy. If you shop online, you can also earn up to 3% cash back, and Piggy users see an average savings of over $9 by couponing at Walgreens through Piggy.

Download the Piggy Mobile App Now

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4. Take Advantage of Register Rewards

At Walgreens, you’ll sometimes get a paper coupon along with your receipt! These are known as Register Rewards, and they’re essentially manufacturer coupons that grant a certain dollar-off amount on future purchases. You can find out more about current Register Reward coupons by looking in the Walgreens weekly ads.

Deals vary each week. For example, one Register Reward might be to purchase any type of Colgate toothpaste to earn a $2 reward, while another might be to purchase a Philips Electric Razor for a $12 reward. The bottom line is that Register Rewards help you save on future purchases. All you need to do is scan the weekly ads flyer and in-store products to find chances to earn Register Rewards.

Just note: Register Rewards expire within 15 days of receiving them, so make sure you act fast before your coupons expire!

5. Learn Walgreens Coupon Rules

Couponing at Walgreens for beginners is fairly simple thanks to the Walgreens app, which lets you clip paperless coupons for online and in-store savings. However, it’s still important to understand how to use coupons at Walgreens properly so you don’t prepare coupons in advance for a shopping trip that won’t actually be accepted.

According to Walgreens’ Coupon Policy:

  • The number of coupons you use, including Register Rewards, can’t exceed the number of items in your transaction.
  • Coupons that exceed the price of an item aren’t accepted, and Walgreens doesn’t pay cash back overages
  • For BOGO deals or buy two, get one free style deals, the number of coupons you use can’t exceed the number of items you’re required to actually buy
  • Paper coupons process before digital coupons
  • Walgreens coupons can apply to products on sale

There’s several other couponing rules which you can read on Walgreens’ website.

The main takeaway is that the number of coupons you use can’t exceed the number of products you’re buying. However, you can always add cheap products to your order, like a pack of gum, if it means you get to save more with coupons!

Walgreens monthly savings book

6. Use The Walgreens Savings Book

Like the weekly ads section, Walgreens’ monthly saving book is essentially a catalog of paper store coupons you can use to save money. Coupon books are usually found as you enter Walgreens, so keep an eye out for them the next time you shop. You can view the monthly savings book online and clip paperless coupons like the weekly ad flyer.

If you have a major Walgreens shopping trip coming up, taking the time to scan through the monthly savings book is certainly worth the effort. There’s also smaller coupon flyers throughout the store you can skim to find deals that pique your interest.

7. Stack Coupons With Sales

Another way to maximize your Walgreens couponing efforts is to stack manufacturer coupons on clearance items. Walgreens runs sales all the time. Once again, sales are usually highlighted in the weekly ads flyer. If you spot a sale, see if you can find a paperless coupon in the app or a paper coupon in a Walgreens’ booklet. As long as your coupon discount doesn’t exceed the value of what you’re buying, you can stack savings on clearance items. Just note that Register Rewards and Walgreens Cash can’t be used on clearance items.

8. Subscribe to the Newsletter

If you struggle to find enough coupons to maximize your savings, signing up for the Walgreens newsletter is a smart move. As an email subscriber, you can opt-in to receive extra weekly deals, online exclusives, and coupons you won’t find in the weekly ad flyer. Plus, you can also get photo center coupons and promo codes.

Walgreens also sends customized offers based on products and services they think you’ll enjoy. Finally, you can opt-in to receive special offer information for health care clinic services.

Learn More Couponing Tips for Beginners

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Start Saving Money With Walgreens Couponing

At the end of the day, there’s an impressive number of ways to save money at Walgreens. Between Walgreens Cash, frequent sales, and competitive prices, shopping at Walgreens is already great for your wallet. But, if you learn how to coupon at Walgreens and maximize your Register Reward usage, you can take your savings even further.

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