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How to Freshen Up Your Home After the Holiday Season



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Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to snap back into reality and bring your home to what it once was, before all the holiday decorations took over. And if you’ve been thinking of making some changes to your home decor, now is the perfect time to make them.

Once your holiday decorations have been taken down, and you’ve given your home a much-deserved clean-up job, consider making a few changes to spruce up your home decor.

Here are some tips to freshening your home after the holidays.

Organize and Store Your Holiday Decor

What will you do with all your ornaments, wreaths, and stockings once they’re down? Here are a few ways you can organize and store all your cherished decorations.

Collect all outdoor decorations

Light strands tend to be tossed into boxes without any care in storing them properly. When they’re accessed a year later, they come out of the box tangled up, leaving homeowners frustrated as they attempt to detangle them.

Instead of putting yourself through this aggravation, save time by wrapping them around a durable piece of cardboard or a large coffee can keep the strands tangle-free and ready to be hung for the next holiday season.

Wreaths can also be carefully tucked into special boxes or storage containers that can accommodate their size and shape. Or, consider hanging them inside your closets so no storage is required!

Your garlands are also items that can become tangled and misshaped when they’re not stored properly. This year, wrap them up, tie them with string or twine, and store them carefully in a large box.

Arrange for tree disposal or storage

Are you the type who loves the look and smell of a real Christmas tree in your home? If so, you’ll need to consider how you will dispose of the tree once the holidays are over. Take advantage of curbside service from your local waste disposal and make sure your tree is completely bare and placed at your curb within the first two weeks of January.

If you put up a fake tree every year, carefully place it back into the box it came in and be sure to keep the sections marked to help you with assembly next year. To make the process even easier, consider buying yourself a tree storage bin or bag that you can find at affordable prices and save on or

Declutter your indoor decorations before storing

Arbitrarily tossing your ornaments into bags or boxes will do nothing more than damage your decorations and make it difficult to figure out where everything is the next time the holidays roll around. Instead, store your holiday ornaments in specialized ornament storage containers. Luckily, you should be able to snag a great deal on these items when January sales kick in or simply by using a Wayfair offer coupon.

When you store your ornaments, pay special attention to the more delicate pieces made of glass and other fragile materials. Take the time to wrap each one individually in tissue paper first. Once everything is stored appropriately, don’t forget to label each box to make them easily identifiable.

Bring Your Home Back in Order

Now that all your holiday decor has been carefully organized and stored, it’s time to get your home back in order. Here are a few things you should do to make that happen.

Clean out the refrigerator and pantry

If you’ve got any leftover treats from your holiday parties, you’ll want to clean out your fridge and pantry and rid these spaces of anything that has expired, or you no longer have a use for. Take things a step further and remove all items—including things you plan to keep—in order to thoroughly clean the shelves. Once they’re spic and span, replace all the food items that your keeping and toss out all others.

Tidy up the guest room

If you’ve had any overnight guests, you’ll want to refresh the room they made themselves home in. This includes washing and replacing the bedsheets and pillowcases. You should also put anything back in the closet that you may have taken out to make room for your guest’s belongings. While you’re at it, clean all surfaces of the bathroom they used, including the shower, toilet, and vanity sink.

Freshen up the living areas

Your living areas experienced a ton of traffic over the holidays. That means your carpets, flooring, and upholstery might need some refreshing. If that’s the case, consider spending time deep cleaning your carpets and sofas to get rid of any stains. You can use DIY cleaning solutions, like hydrogen peroxide mixed with water and a few drops of dish soap.  

Clean your stovetop and oven

In your kitchen, these appliances were probably used quite extensively through the month of December to provide for holiday treats and meals. To clean them, use soapy water to dampen and loosen any caked-on food particles. Then, with a damp scouring pad, gently scrub stubborn stains off, and finish with a wipe down using a mix of vinegar and water with a clean cloth.

Clean your vacuum cleaner

After it worked so hard to help keep your home spotless for the holidays, it will likely need to be cleaned too.

Refresh Your Home Decor

No longer are red, green, silver and gold trimmings needed as the festive season dies down. It’s time to replace all that holiday decor with pieces that are more reflective of everyday living. Here are a few ideas to help refresh your interior style and stay up-to-date with your decor.

Rotate your art

Displaying all your wall art at once can make your home look a little cluttered. Instead, consider separating them into their appropriate seasons and rotating them every six months

Change up your accent pillows

Throw pillows are a fantastic way to add a pop of color and personality to any space. Simply changing your accent pillows can completely change the look and feel of your home and give it a completely new vibe.

Restyle your coffee table

You’ve probably got a vase, bowl, candle, or other types of table-top decor on your coffee table. Consider switching these pieces up every few months to give your living space a new look.

Dress up the dining table

Like your coffee table, simply adding new pieces—like a new tablecloth, beautiful dishes, and a statement centerpiece—can breathe new life to a room.  

Revamp your bookshelves

Despite their name, bookshelves don’t have to strictly hold books. Instead, they can be home to photo frames, vases, or collectibles. Every so often, consider changing things up on your bookshelves to modify the mood in your living space.

Buy a new area rug

Whether you have an area rug already or a bare floor, adding a new rug is an excellent way to add color and texture to a room. They’re also useful for defining spaces.

Update your linens

To make a big difference at a small cost, add a new comforter and sheets to a room for an instant update.
There’s no need to spend a pretty penny on any new pieces for your home’s interior. With some decent bargains that you can find every day, you won’t even have to wait until January sales begin to snag a great deal! Besides, with a Wayfair coupon, the savings can be even bigger!

Home Trends to Watch in the New Year

Rather than bringing your home decor back to the way it was before the holidays, consider doing something different. If you want to stay current with your home decor, keep a watch on shopping trends for the new year, including the following.

  • Terrazzo – This is expected to be one of the biggest trends of the 2019 season with Terrazzo coffee tables, side tables, and flooring.
  • Classic kitchens – With a hint of British design, classic kitchens with clean, fresh lines are expected to be a big hit.
  • Rounded furniture – Everything from round-backed chairs to rounded table tops will be a big trend in 2019 and beyond.  
  • Mixed metals and textured materials – Blending textures with metals can add depth to a space.
  • Green – Tranquil and sophisticated, green is a color that will be increasingly used in interior design in 2019.
  • High-contrast neutrals – Pairing opposite dark and light neutrals can add drama and edge to a space.
  • Bold colors, textures, and patterns – 2019 will see a move away from beige minimalism and into a more daring shop direction.
  • Mixing patterns – Old world style gets a fresh spin with a mixture of different patterns.

Final Thoughts

Removing all your holiday ornaments may leave you feeling a little blue, but this can also be an opportunity to start anew with your home decor. All you need is a little imagination and some inspiration from home decor magazines and online sites. And if you’re looking to get some good bargains and savings while finding ideas for your home, check out sites like,, and to really get inspired with trendy and classic decor while taking advantage of some of the best deals you’ll find anywhere!

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