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If you haven’t gotten on the gym membership bandwagon yet, you still have time. In fact, now is an opportune time as we’re opening our windows to spring and preparing for warmer months ahead. As more and more of the American population gets vaccinated, gyms are preparing to say “welcome back!” to existing members and “welcome!” to the new comers. Spring is in the air and so too are affordable gym memberships. Let’s go! It’s time to get out of the house and into a new, healthier groove before summer is in full swing. No matter if you’re a seasoned exercise vetran or a newbie to the scene, gyms are excellent locales to do something positive for your mind and your body. 

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How To Get A Cheap Gym Membership

Let Piggy help you score low cost gym memberships by taking note of a few of our best tips on how to get a cheap gym membership.

1. Shop Around

Shop around to find the best gym to suit your schedule to avoid any run-ins with buyer’s remorse. Many gyms, like 24 Hour Fitness, were designed for the most unpredictable and chaotic schedules around. In addition to the doors always being open, it is one of America’s cheapest gyms to join. Enjoy their state-of-the art equipment and notoriously clean facilities by becoming a member.

Until you find the perfect match, consider counting your steps while tracking your fitness a bit closer with incredible savings on the latest Fitbit products. Piggy has some of the best deals on Fitbit products that folks all over the world have fallen in love with. 

2. Join as a Family

In terms of the gym, there’s certainly something to be said about being held accountable and ‘getting through it together’. Consider speaking to your friends and family members, heck even a coworker that you know enjoys going to the gym; it doesn’t hurt to ask for advice. They might be able to share a discount code with you or have a referral discount you can take advantage of.

Consider making your new routine something more social while you’re at it. Going to the gym a friend or a family could help you all out. Ask your local fitness club or community center about their family discount or household memberships to give everyone under the same roof the gift that keeps on giving with local cheap gym deals.

3. Think Corporate

Chances are if you work for a larger company, they have an established partnership with one of your local gyms. Several gyms work with local and national companies which allow them to offer some of the cheapest gym memberships around. Contact your human resources representative to find out how you can get a cheap gym membership today!

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4. Cash-in on Your Student-Status

School is often a lot of work, and also a lot of fun. Many colleges and universities have a gym on campus for all their students and employees to take advantage of. Finals and term papers stressing you out? Take a break from the books and hit the gym to give your brain a much-needed break. Besides, working out will help you concentrate better, making your study time that much more effective.

5. Skip the Gym!

Asking yourself how to get a cheap gym membership? Simple. Skip the gym! Didn’t think you would find such advice on a blog all about cheapest gyms to join, did you? Think again. More and more folks are taking their home workout routines to the next level. With virtual courses from providers like NEOU and connected trainers like bikes and treadmills from Peloton, working out from home has never been as easy and social as it is today.

If you learn one thing today, let it be this: the most affordable gym memberships are the one that you don’t pay for. 

Interested in pampering yourself or on the hunt for products to help your recover and get back in the game ASAP, Fitish is just the right product to help you maintain a healthy balance for all your skincare needs.

6. Score Gym Equipment Deals

Get your sweat on thanks to one of the great deals on Groupon. Whether you’re looking for cheap gym deals or material to make your home gym setup that much better, keep an eye on weekly Groupon steals.

Speaking of your at-home situation, consider taking your game to the next level with a sweet deal from Bowflex for free weights, mats, and all-in-one home gyms. Or if you’re interested in quality strength training and other gymnastics, Titan Fitness has you covered with equipment at a great value.

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Think Piggy for the most affordable gym memberships and equipment!

Piggy has hundreds of everyday great deals from the brands you love for all your sport and fitness needs. Look no further and start saving with Piggy today!

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