The Truth About How to Get Skinny




Type “ways to get skinny fast” on the Google search bar. You will get approximately 43,200,000 results. This far reaching concern of the global population to find out how to get skinny fast has led to the birth of thousands of diets, exercise regimens, and weight loss strategies, but not all of them actually help people get their desired results. Why? Many times it’s because a good majority of people jump on the bandwagon of just about any weight loss trend or buy into random ways to get skinny without stopping to understand if the strategy is really a good fit on their body or lifestyle. There isn’t a one size fits all ways to get skinny fast, and for some people losing weight will be anything but fast!

If you’ve tried fad diets or exercise routines from trendy fitness bloggers more times than you can count, then you know that weight loss isn’t easy. But, finding the right ways to get skinny that fit your body and lifestyle, or just reaching your ideal weight and maintaining it, is not impossible; you just have to be equipped with the right knowledge, products, and directions.

How to Get Skinny the Right Way

To help you jump start your efforts to lose weight, here some of our best recommendations of how to get skinny the right way (aka without endangering your health!). And remember, your ultimate goal should always be to improve your health, not just to get skinny.

1. Get a bike, walk your dog…just move more.

couple walking a dog

If you’re the type of person that finds exercising tedious, then you’re probably constantly searching for ways to get skinny without exercise. The truth is, seamlessly incorporating more physical activity into your daily routine will be the ideal route for you. You need to find ways to sweat off the calories, without forcing yourself to go to the gym, and start to lose weight without even realizing it. Start riding your bike to your favorite coffee shop instead of driving there, consciously choose the parking spot farther away from the store entrance, walk up the two flights of stairs rather than taking the elevator, and find any other small ways to adjust your daily routine in ways that aren’t overly tedious.

At the end of the day, simply moving more will be good for your heart, your body, and your spirit, making it one of the easiest ways to get skinny. 

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2. Use a square-shaped bowl for your meals.

salad in a bowl

We get it, this one sounds like one of the weirdest suggestions of how to get skinny, but it’s backed by science! According to an Oxford University study, eating from a square-shaped bowl “increases the brain’s perception of nutrition and leaves it feeling more nourished as a result.” The study also argues that eating while standing up, without the restrictions of a breakfast table, can up your perception of what you eat.

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3. Be kinder to your metabolism.

cup of almonds

Did you know that apples, nuts, beans, and crunchy vegetables can help improve your metabolism and caloric intake? All of these foods help to satiate your appetite almost immediately, which means you’ll be less likely to overeat. Crunchy veggies, which are slower to chew, trick your brain into thinking you’re already full, without compromising on any real nutritional benefits. Choose crunchy, rich snacks or add them as sides to your meals to help up your metabolism and keep you full longer too.

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4. Experiment with shakes and smoothies.

green smoothie

Weight loss smoothies, juicing, and protein shakes are some of the most misunderstood ways to get skinny. Newsflash, drinking entirely fruit based shakes and smoothies or any other weight loss drink filled with sugar isn’t a great way to get skinny! If you want to realize the potential of shakes and smoothies, you need to start with ones that focus on protein and healthy fats. These are the types of shakes and smoothies that will give you the nutrition you need to not only get skinny, but get healthy!

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Getting Healthy > Getting Skinny

Regardless of what you decide to do or how you get skinny, just don’t forget that getting skinny shouldn’t be your only priority. Instead, improving your overall health should always be the end game!

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