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We all want to look our best, and top makeup brands can clearly help us do that. But brand name cosmetics can be sooo expensive. Thankfully, there are still ways to purchase quality makeup while saving a bundle. Enter makeup coupons! Piggy is the key to finding discounted name brand makeup online, so you can save money while still enjoying the best cosmetic products out there.

Before you start shopping for discounted makeup, it’s important to know what the best makeup brands are and familiarize yourself with the types of discounts and deals out there. Keep reading to find out all you need to know about getting discount makeup online!

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Best Makeup Brands In The World

So, what are the best makeup brands out there, and how can you snag them at a discount? With so many different makeup brands out there, it can be a daunting task to figure out which ones come out on top and offer the best deals. Based on our research, the following makeup brands tend to offer the best products on the market:


NARs not only creates awesome makeup products, it also sends a message of empowerment to women. The brand offers tips on how to highlight a woman’s best features while having fun playing around with different makeup products.

Urban Decay

Women who love edgy makeup looks will gravitate toward Urban Decay, which offers eclectic and vibrant makeup not found in your average makeup bag.

NYX Professional Makeup

With exceptional quality at affordable prices, NYX is quickly solidifying itself as one of the top makeup brands. The brand offers a rich line of both timeless and trendy makeup products, so there’s something for everyone.


Perhaps one of the most well-known, popular makeup brands out there, MAC continues to stand the test of time. Since 1984, MAC has been leading the pack in terms of color, quality, and artistry.

E.L.F. Cosmetics

Competitive prices and high quality are what best describes E.L.F. Cosmetics. The brand is becoming increasingly well-known for providing awesome makeup products at a sweet price.

L’Oréal Paris

You can easily find L’Oréal products at your local drugstore, but just because they’re easily accessible doesn’t mean the brand is low-quality. On the contrary, L’Oréal has long been known to offer luxury cosmetics at affordable prices.

Too Faced

With somewhat of a cult-following, Too Faced fans love their palettes and foundations, but also appreciate that the brand is cruelty-free.


Maybelline provides superior makeup products at relatively low prices compared to their competitors. The brand has been consistent with their highly sought-after products that are on the cutting edge of color and formula.

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5 Ways to Save on Top Makeup Brands

This is what you’ve been waiting for. Now that you’re a little more familiar with some of the best makeup brands on the market, it’s time to figure out how to snag them at great prices. Here are some awesome ways to fill your makeup bag with high-quality cosmetics without depleting your wallet.

Combine Makeup Coupons with Sales.

While you can definitely save a lot of money on discounted makeup, you can deepen your savings by combining sales with makeup coupons. And when the stars align and you have the chance to find the perfect opportunity to do this, be sure to stock up on your favorite cosmetics so you have at least a few months’ worth stored away.

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Collect Samples.

Makeup companies often offer free samples to entice you to purchase full-sized products. You can literally stock up on free samples and have enough makeup in your arsenal of products for weeks without spending a dime!

Sign up for Student Discounts.

If you’re a student, use your student status to your advantage. Many makeup brands and stores, like Sephora, offer makeup discounts and cash back incentives for students.

Choose Palettes Instead of Singles.

If you purchase five separate eyeshadow colors, you’ll likely be spending more than you would if you bought a 5-color palette. This makes the most sense if you plan to use all colors in the palette on a regular basis, so stick to buying a palette with colors that you use frequently.

Add Makeup Sales Reminders to Your Calendar.

Overkill? If you truly want the best discounted makeup, then you’ll have to be a bit over the top about it. Beauty suppliers (see our tips for Macy’s below!) typically offer specific sales at different times of the year, so visit different sites that you purchase your cosmetics from and add a reminder to your calendar for big cosmetic sales to help you get the best makeup discount.

Check out these tips for increasing your savings on President’s Day

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Tips for Getting Discount Makeup at Macy’s

Macy’s is the mother of all department stores, and makeup happens to be one of their biggest selling points. Luckily, that means there are plenty of ways to get discount makeup at Macy’s too. Here are some of our best tips for your next Macy’s shopping spree:

Price Match Online vs In-store.

Macy’s sells makeup both in-store and on their website, and sometimes the price for a specific product may be different online than it is in-store. If you find a cheaper price on their website, Macy’s promises to price-match it in person! Plus, they’ll honor any eligible Macy’s makeup coupon on top of the sale when you show them the coupon code at the register.

Expert Tip: You can do this on the Macy’s App! All you need to do is scan any product with the Macy’s app, and the current sale price on will populate. If you find a lower price online, just show the results to the cashier and the product will be price-matched.

Price Match Competitors.

If you can show proof that the same product is being sold for a lower price at another store (excluding Costco and Amazon), Macy’s will match the price!

One-Day Sales Actually Last at Least Two Days.

You may see “one-day sale” advertisements at Macy’s, but don’t get sucked into the urgency. Macy’s one-day sales usually take place on the third Saturday of the month, but offer a preview day the Friday before. In fact, these Fridays are the best days to shop for discount makeup!

Look for Semi-Annual Sales.

January and July are typically the two months of the year when Macy’s holds their semi-annual sales. You can get as much as 75% off clearance prices combined with your makeup discount codes.   

Take Advantage of Friends & Family Sales.

In April and December, Macy’s offers their “Friends and Family Sale” where you can snag 30% off all prices with the exclusive promo code. Remember what we said about setting a reminder in your calendar!?

Get Free Shipping.

Shipping fees can jack up the price of your online order, but at Macy’s you can take advantage of free shipping on all beauty orders! There’s no reason to pay for shipping when you’re trying to get discount makeup online.

Look For “Pick Up In Store” Promotions. often offers a “pick up in store” promotion. Look for this button when shopping online to see if they’re offering a promotion in your area. If the product you’re looking at is in stock at your local Macy’s, you can save 15% to 20% by shopping online and picking up in-store.

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It’s Time For You To Start Saving Money On Discount Makeup Offers!

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There’s no comparison between low-end cosmetics and brand name products in terms of quality and selection, and now you know that you don’t have to break the bank to buy top makeup brands. With these savvy shopping tips, you can get your hands on the best makeup brands in the world and experience savings with makeup coupons and discounts while you’re at it.

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