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12 Best Ways to Save at Macys

Macy’s is one of the largest department stores in the United States. Whether you are looking for the latest fashion, home decor products, kitchen appliances, or even dinnerware, Macy’s has you covered. What’s even better about Macy’s is that it also offers great discounts to help you save regardless of what items you are looking for. Although there are far more than a dozen, we’ve put together the 12 best strategies so you can learn how to save money at Macy’s. 

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1. Take Advantage of Macy’s Price Match Policy

Macy’s stores and operate separately, so this means certain items carried on might not be offered in the store, and a particular item may be priced differently in the store than on the website. If you’re shopping in-storer and notice that an item is priced lower on than in the store, you can simply show the cashier the online price and in most cases the cashier will honor the online price and give you the lower price.

2. Download Macy’s Mobile App

Just like every other department store giant, Macy’s has a mobile app designed to meet all of your shopping needs! By downloading their mobile app, you will also unlock special offers, in-store savings, exclusive deals, and more ways to save at Macys! 

In addition to providing you with savings, the mobile app has lots of other cool features to upgrade your Macys online shopping experience. For example, you can see furniture in your space virtually before you buy it or take fun style inspo quizzes to help you get daily fashion recommendations. You can also save your favorite products by creating lists, and then opt to receive notifications when there are price drops. This is a huge trick to get low prices in Macys!

3. Look Out For Special Events to Earn Macy’s Money

Sometimes, Macy’s hosts shopping events where you can earn Macy’s Money, which is basically their rewards system. For example, for every $50 you spend at Macy’s on qualifying purchases, you can earn $10 in Macy’s Money. You can then use Macy’s Money just like a gift card to purchase almost any item you want at Macy’s. However, Macy’s Money is only redeemable for a set period of time, which is usually immediately after the shopping event ends.

4. Sign Up for a Macy’s Credit Card

If you are a frequent Macy’s shopper and you want to know how to save even more at Macy’s, it may be time for you to sign up for a Macy’s credit card to maximize your savings and reward earning opportunities. Signing up for the Macy’s card is completely free, and once approved you’ll earn rewards on every purchase as a card member. 

The Macy’s credit card also has a tiered system. All new card holders start as a Bronze member and can earn 1% back in rewards on every purchase, even if you don’t pay with your new Macy’s Card. Then if you spend between $1 and $499 annually with your Macy’s Card, your cash back rewards will jump to 2%. Beyond that, if you spend between $500 and $1,199 annually with your Macy’s Card then you’ll get 3% back in rewards, and if you spend anything greater than $1200 with the Macy’s Card annually then you’ll get 5% cash back on your purchases. There are even more cardholder perks, such as free shipping, cardholder exclusive savings events, and many more ways to save at Macys. Finally, no matter what credit card tier you are in, you will get a nice birthday surprise from Macy’s each year!

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5. Ask for Macy’s Coupons at Checkout

Macy’s associates typically have coupons on hand no matter where they are in the store. When you are checking out at the register, politely ask them if they have any paper coupons or coupon codes you can apply to your purchase. The associates will usually be happy to find some for you so you can save at Macys.

However, don’t put too much pressure on them if they can’t get you a discount with coupons; Macy’s coupons do tend to have a long list of exclusions, so they’ll have to check the fine print depending on what you’re buying.

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6. Make Use of Macy’s Price Adjustment Policy

Macy’s price adjustment policy states that if an item is further reduced in price within 10 days of when you purchased it, and the purchase was made without a promo code applied, Macy’s will refund the difference in price to your original form of payment! Say goodbye to the fear of buyer’s remorse, because you can rest assured you’ll still be able to get the lower price after your purchase.

Since Macy’s changes their prices regularly, it is worthwhile to keep an eye on the prices within 10 days of any purchase, especially for items with a larger price tag. You may get a nice surprise if there’s a significant drop in price and this trick to get low prices in Macys may end up saving you a ton!

To take advantage of the Macy’s price adjustment policy, you must present your receipt or order number, so you’ll also need to keep your receipts for at least 10 days.

7. Check Out Macy’s Last Act Section In-store or Online

Last Act deals are the biggest clearance savings opportunities for thrifty shoppers like you to save at Macys. You can find significantly marked-down prices both in-store and online, for items ranging from clothing to kitchen appliances, giving you plenty of ways to save at Macys. You can get as much as 80% off in the Last Act section, so make sure you check it out regularly for the best deals. 

8. Watch Out for One Day Sales

In addition to Last Act sales, Macy’s also hosts One Day Sales throughout the year. These sales tend to be one of the best times to shop at Macy’s and typically happen on the third Saturday of the month, with a preview day on the Friday. Although, the exact timing of their one day sales does change occasionally. During One Day Sales, Macy’s offers some of the best prices on a wide range of merchandise. 

Despite the sale name, one key piece of information you should know is that these One Day Sales actually last for two days, so make sure you head to the store on the preview day (typically Friday) for the best selection of items!

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9. Shop During Semi-Annual Sales

Semi-annual sales are another great staple of Macy’s. As the name suggests, these sales happen twice a year, once in January and once in July. During the Macy’s semi-annual sales, you can expect to get a 20-75% discount on nearly everything, so they are definitely important to consider when you’re trying to figure out how to save even more on Macy’s shopping.

10. Stay Up to Date About Macy’s Friends & Family Sales

Yet another sales event that Macy’s hosts every year, the Macy’s Friends and Family Sales typically happen once around April or May and once in December. These huge sales events last about two weeks, and you can expect to receive up to an extra 30% off most items, whether the items in your order are regular-priced, on sale, or even on clearance.

11. Don’t Forget About Black Friday Deals (Twice a Year!)

While Macy’s traditionally hosts their annual Black Friday sale in November, they also started a Black Friday in July sale, mostly to compete with Amazon’s Prime Day sales, that a lot of people don’t know about. Macy’s Black Friday discounts are steep; you can get up to 80% off items during either one of the Black Friday events!

12. Apply Macy’s Coupons to Your Order Automatically with Piggy

Macy’s does still offer paper coupons in store, but as consumers have shifted to online shopping, they have also stepped up their digital coupon game. However, it can be time-consuming to search the internet manually yourself to find the best coupons to save at Macys. That’s why Piggy’s chrome extension does the work for you! The Piggy extension will help you find the best Macy’s coupons online and apply them automatically to your shopping cart so you can always save at Macy’s. You will never have to search for coupons again!

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Saving More Money at Macy’s Just Got Easier

If you’ve always wondered how to save money at Macy’s, now you know there are plenty of ways to save at Macy’s you need to start trying out! These tricks to get low prices at Macy’s work for almost any category of items you shop for, if you time your shopping right. Make sure you take advantage of one (or all!) of these money saving strategies next time you shop at Macy’s, or you’ll just simply be wasting money! Walk away with quality products and some more cash in your pocket by putting these ways to save at Macy’s to good use. 

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