4 Tips to Save Money on Eyeglasses




How to Save Money on Eyeglasses

Buying prescription glasses every year, with the required eye exams, frame fittings, and custom lenses can be quite the hassle. Not to mention, it can be a big pain for your pocketbook, even with insurance covering some of the costs. Finding ways to save money on eyeglasses is a great option when you’re in a crunch (like when you’re glasses disappear into thin air or you accidentally sit on them for the millionth time) or when you just want to minimize the expenses of prescription eyewear.

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The great news is: figuring out how to save money on glasses isn’t as hard as you think it is. Just follow our advice and you’ll be able to save money on prescription eyeglasses any time of year. Here are the four best ways to save money on prescription eyeglasses:

1. Buy Online

Piggy is here to help you find prescription glasses online cheap! The Piggy Chrome extension can help you save money on glasses by automatically applying the best coupons at check out at dozens of online stores. And don’t worry, if you’re shopping online for your prescription glasses, you don’t have to sacrifice quality! There are plenty of websites that offer high quality eyeglasses, including luxury brands and complex prescription needs, for affordable prices.

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2. Do Virtual Fittings.

One of the greatest things about online shopping is having access to custom-made services without leaving the comforts of your home, and buying glasses online is no exception. Many websites simplify the process of picking out glasses by offering virtual try-on options. For example, with the Glasses.com app you can create a 3D model of your face and then try on different eyeglass styles on your personalized 3D model. Virtual fitting technology allows you to have accurate representations of how each pair of glasses will look on you, so you can feel confident in your purchase.

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3. Take Advantage of Cash Back.

If you’re really looking to buy glasses online cheap, then you have to take advantage of the incredible opportunities to earn cash back via Piggy. Trust us, figuring out how to save money on eyeglasses has never been so friendly on your wallet. There are plenty of online stores that offer digital exams and personalized lenses, with the added benefit of cash back rewards you can’t get with a purchase in-store, so don’t miss out on cash back!

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4. Get Free Shipping.

As if the discounts and the cash back aren’t enough, you can also save money on glasses you order online by looking for free shipping offers on Piggy. There’s no need to pay extra for shipping when you’re trying to buy glasses online cheap, because there are dozens of online stores waiting to ship your glasses to you for free! When you get in a crunch, like that time your pair of glasses suddenly broke, ordering glasses online will be a legit SOS for your eyes.

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It’s Time For You To Save Money On Glasses!

These tips to save money on eyeglasses are just simply eye-mazing, don’t you think? When you need topnotch, sturdy eyewear at prices that won’t burn a hole in our pocket, it’s time to download the Piggy Chrome extension. Our automatic coupon app with hundreds of cash back offers will help you save money on eyeglasses every single time you need to buy them. Clearer vision just got friendlier on the wallet, all you have to do is choose to buy prescription glasses online cheap by following our tips above.

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