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To state the obvious upfront: People love their pets. What people don’t love? Just how expensive owning a cat, dog, horse, bird, fish, or nearly any other pet can be. Month after month you do the math, and month after month it becomes increasingly apparent—you need to learn how to save on pet supplies.

Below, we’ve outlined a few new tricks to help you save a little extra on your favorite family member, as well as where to get cheap pet supplies right now.

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10 Money Saving Tips For Buying Pet Supplies Online

1. Join Customer Loyalty Programs

If you’re already familiar with buying pet supplies online or otherwise, then you’ve probably already heard of the customer loyalty programs at stores like Petco or Petsmart. Do you keep saying “No thanks” during checkout when the cashier tries to get you to sign up? We think you should reconsider.

Programs like these are usually totally free to join, and just involve scanning a membership card or providing a phone number during checkout to score major discounts (sometimes up to $30 off those giant bags of dog food!). Sounds worth it to us!

2. Price Matching

If you like to shop around for the best deals on pet supplies, but also have a favorite retailer you shop at (maybe because you have one of those loyalty cards mentioned above!), check and see if they offer price matching. This can save you a decent chunk of change if a different retailer offers the same product for less, while still earning you points on your go-to membership card. Not to mention it will save you time driving to another store or browsing through products on a different pet supplies site.

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3. Shop During Sales

Cheap pet supplies are easy to come by during sales! Choose your favorite retailers, sign up for their marketing emails, and they’ll keep you informed about when there are sales going on or coming up soon. You’ll probably even get 15-20% off your first purchase, just for signing up for email notifications.

4. Clip (or Download) Coupons

One of the best ways to save on pet supplies is to go coupon hunting. You can still find valuable coupons in your local paper each week, but the more modern (and, honestly, easier) way to get coupons is to collect coupon codes online. Keep an eye on current coupons for pet supplies, and shop when you see a deal you like!

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5. Sign Up for Subscriptions

You can save money on pets simply by subscribing to your favorite products. You can easily do this on Amazon, and save a bit on your favorite pet supplies by getting recurring shipments. Of course, you’ll actually be losing money if you sign up for more than you need, so take into consideration how often you use your pet products.

There are also pet subscription services like Barkbox that bring you new treats and toys every month for a flat fee. This can be especially helpful if you have multiple pets, or a dog that destroys his toys really quickly. 

6. Skip the Groomer

Wondering how to save money on pets without even leaving the house? Skip your pet’s next grooming appointment—and DIY at home. Now obviously your ability to do so will have a lot to do with your pet’s breed, as well as whether you have the space and mobility to do grooming at home. However, if you have a shorter-haired pet that doesn’t require frequent haircuts, buying a bottle of shampoo and bathing your pet in the bathtub can save a lot of money.

The same is true of nail cuttings; if you feel comfortable with a pair of pet nail clippers (don’t use the ones made for humans), you can save yourself $10+ by cutting nails at home each month.

7. Don’t Fall for Branding

We get it—you want your pet to have the best of everything. However, if you want cheap pet supplies, then sometimes the trick is to not buy pet supplies at all. In other words, animal-specific products aren’t always necessary. You can potentially save money on things like shampoo by buying the human baby version (you still want to be mindful of pet safety!) or by making toys at home (if your pet is the less-destructive type).

The same goes for treats! There are lots of “human” foods that you can safely feed to your pets, and it’ll save you a bundle on those expensive fake bacon strips you buy for your dog every month.

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8. Buy Pet Meds Online

The price tags on flea/tick and heartworm medications can make even the strongest of pet owners cringe. The trick? Don’t buy these medications at pet stores or the vet unless you want to deal with a major markup! You can get the exact same brands (Frontline, NexGard, Heartgard, etc.) online for much, much cheaper at retailers like Budget Pet Care, PetCare Supplies, 1-800-PetMeds, and many other pet supply websites.

9. Use a Cash Back Credit Card

A great way to save money on anything is by getting a cash back credit card. The good news is that they’re fairly common now, so you might already have one! Use the cash back you get on everyday purchases (usually a penny per dollar), and use your cash back bonus either directly on pet supplies, or get a little boost by converting your cash to gift cards to pet stores (you’ll usually get an extra $5-$10 for going the gift card route).

10. Get Pet Insurance

This may sound counterintuitive to some, but hear us out—one of the best ways to save money on pets is by getting insurance from providers like PetFirst or PetAssure. Yes, you will need to make a monthly payment to keep your coverage. However, if you have a pet breed that’s notorious for health issues (pugs, for instance), a monthly premium may ultimately pay off.

And even if you don’t have a pet that needs special care, all kinds of aging animals need special medication or care as they get older. Most (if not all) pet insurance doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions, so it can save you a ton of money if you sign up as soon as you bring home your new family member.

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Where To Get Cheap Pet Supplies

There are lots of great places to shop for cheap pet supplies, but if you want to know where to buy pet supplies online specifically, start with the list below!

For Everyday Pet Supplies:

The best place to buy pet supplies online will cover a large range of categories, including food, toys, and health/grooming. Check out these retailers:

  • Petco. They have everything, including $5 back for every $100 you spend.
  • PetCareRx. Find dozens of options across pet food, crates and furniture, and pet meds.  
  • EntirelyPets. Currently running their Red Tag Sale with code BLOWOUT. Get up to 50% off products like ThunderShirts, SentryHome, and lots of collars and leashes. 
  • Healthy Pets. In addition to cats and dogs, you’ll find products for less common pets too, like rabbits, reptiles, and birds. 
  • Chewy. Find 2000+ brands, like Royal Canin, Wellness, Blue, and more.

For Pet Meds & Treatment:

Just looking for inexpensive medications for your pet? These are the best pet supply websites for you: 

  • Budget Pet Care. Explore a wide range of meds and supplements for typical ailments in dogs, cats, birds, and horses.  
  • Best Vet Care. Find major discounts on supplements, homeopathic supplies, and other meds for dogs and cats. 
  • PetCare Supplies. Hygiene, meds, and homeopathy for dogs and cats—plus toys!
  • 1-800-PetMeds. Get your pet’s prescriptions filled and delivered at home; they also offer Ask the Vet, where you can get free advice from their vet, Dr. Dym!  
  • Budget Pet World. Supplements, homeopathic, and other meds for dogs, cats, birds, and horses. 
  • World Pet Express. Browse by dog, cat, flea & tick, dewormer, and pain & arthritis.

For Specialty Items for Pets:

Buying pet supplies online can save you a lot of money—and it can also be a lot of fun! These retailers offer something unique:

  • Wild One. Cute “kits” for saving, plus organic treats, toys, and carriers for dogs. 
  • Barkbox. Monthly customized subscription box for dogs with ever-changing themes.
  • AlphaPaw. Customized products like rings, keychains, doormats, and the handmade Paw Ramp.
  • Neo Bites. Sustainable, unprocessed, human-grade treats for dogs. 

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Buying Pet Supplies Online Is Cheap And Easy!

Got your customer loyalty card, a cash back credit card, and discount codes in hand? Nice—you’re about to save a bundle on pet supplies. Keep your eyes peeled for sales in the coming weeks and months, and you can save even more on all your pet supply purchases!

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