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This Is How to Really Shop When Online Shopping



When you're doubling up on savings, you can get more of what you love, for less!

When you’re doubling up on savings, you can get more of what you love, for less!


Back in the year 2000, just 22 percent of Americans shopped online. Today, approximately 79 percent of consumers turn to the web in order to make purchases. That’s equal to more than 217 million shoppers!

The convenience of online shopping has certainly influenced this trend. Besides that, monetary perks are also great come-ons. But in order to save big, know not only where to shop, but how to shop.

Shop Online to Save Money

When you shop online, you’re able to compare dozens of retailers with the click of a mouse. When comparing retailers, however, you need to access one site after the other, without knowing whether or not you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Although being able to compare is certainly a plus, this process can be overly time consuming. Between work and family, it’s just not practical.

Some retailers offer their own apps to simplify and improve the buyer’s experience, but how many apps can you really fit onto your phone? After chewing up your storage, these apps also don’t allow you to actively compare or gain cash back on all of your purchases, across numerous stores.

It’s no secret that retailers offer reward programs, but once again, it’s time-consuming (and often overwhelming) to keep all of your rewards organized.

Until now, you’ve likely lacked a go-to app that not only simplifies this process, but helps you save a ton of money. This is where Piggy comes into play.

Using this technology, you can become a smarter shopper without any additional effort. With coupons for Macy’sSephoraOrbitz and dozens of other stores, this app ensures you’ll never think of online shopping the same way again.

Being a one-stop shop, you can easily scroll through all of your favorite retailers; and according to Time Magazine, earn ‘the best cash back.’ Elevating the mobile app buying experience, you will save time and money each and every time.

Don’t Miss Out

Whether you’re shopping the latest in tech or beauty, why make your shopping experience more complicated (and expensive) than it needs to be? When you’re doubling up on savings, you can get more of what you love, for less!