Inexpensive Christmas Gifts to Help You Do Christmas on a Budget




How To Buy Christmas Presents On A Budget

The holiday season is fast approaching. It is almost time for holiday parties with family and friends, feasting, and gift giving. The problem is the holiday season means spending more money than you are used to, which can add to your stress instead of promoting holiday cheer. However, this does not mean you cannot find ways to avoid overspending so you can truly enjoy the holidays. Nor does it mean you have to show up empty-handed at parties or reunions. By making a plan of how to buy Christmas gifts on a budget in advance and shopping specifically for inexpensive Christmas gifts, you can still have an enjoyable gift-giving season.

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Start formulating inexpensive Christmas gift ideas by thinking about the person you want to give a gift to. Identify things that cost them money all the time, but they clearly have no plans of giving up, and then start brainstorming related gifts you can give them that will save them money all year. By really sitting down ahead of time and figuring out your Christmas shopping on a budget, you will spend less and increase the value of your gifts to each recipient.

Remember it’s the thought that counts! Here are some of the best inexpensive Christmas gift ideas we could think of:

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Take a look at your list of people to buy for; there are probably at least a few coffee lovers on the list. Coffee lovers are folks who love coffee on a daily basis, and probably spend at least a half an hour to get it every day. So, let’s consider the Christmas gifts you can get them that will not only give them their daily coffee fix, but will also save them time!


Coffee Makers

Being able to make coffee at home with ease is a dream of coffee lovers everywhere. There are several single-cup coffee makers made by well-known companies for under $50 that will surely please any coffee lover who hasn’t invested in their own coffee maker yet. Every morning when they make their coffee they’ll be reminded of your thoughtfulness. Not to mention, overtime they’ll save loads of money buying coffee on a daily basis from coffee shops or vendors.

Coffee Grounds

If you have tons of coffee lovers on your list, then you can buy coffee grounds in bulk to save money. Look for specialty coffee roasts they may not have tried before, your personal favorite blends, buy coffee from local shops, or purchase brands that have a larger mission, such as giving back or promoting fair trade practices. Then divide the coffee into smaller jars or festive containers and label them with a pretty design. Gifting each of your coffee-loving friends and family members with a uniquely put together gift like this will surely warm their heart, and make their morning coffee a special treat.

Coffee-Making Gift Basket

coffee lovers

If you have a coffee loving couple on your list, you can make a really great gift that each will love. Start by purchasing a variety of coffee grounds, or coffee pods if you know what kind of coffee maker they have at home. Pick out some liquid syrup flavors to help them spice up their daily coffee, and then buy each of them a unique coffee mug. Put all of these coffee goodies in a nice basket, bin, or bag and tie ribbon around it to create a festive, homemade look to your gift. This is an amazing way to create a one-of-a kind Christmas gift on a budget, and it will allow them to save money every day buying coffee.

Where to Shop for Coffee Christmas Gifts on a Budget

Cooking & Baking Related Inexpensive Christmas Gifts

Think about the individuals on your gift list. Are there any young mothers with infants on your list? Are there senior citizens that don’t get around well? How about college students? You can come up with some delicious Christmas gifts on a budget if you said yes to any of the questions above.


Freezer Meals

If you love to cook, then this is one of the best inexpensive Christmas gifts you’ll ever find. To get started, head to your local department store to buy a couple plastic freezer containers with lids. While you’re there, grab some white stick-on labels or gift tags. Then go to the grocery store and buy all the ingredients needed for some of your favorite recipes.

Once you get home, it’s time to start cooking your favorite recipes! You do not have to do all the cooking in one day. Prepare the food one day at a time and place them in the freezer. Do this until you have enough meals that you’ve created quite a hefty Christmas gift.

On each container, write the name of the dish, the reheating instructions, and the recipe they can use to recreate it. Use holiday paper to wrap the outside of a cardboard box, and then place all the frozen meals into the decorated box. Attach a holiday card explaining why you are giving them a reprieve from cooking for however many days you’ve cooked meals for. Then decide when the best time and place is to reveal your amazing gift. Without a doubt, your gift recipient will enjoy the homemade goodness you’ve created and remember the personal attention you’ve given them as the greatest part of your Christmas gift.

Home Delivery Meals

What started as a way to go on a diet has evolved into a convenient way for families, couples, and any other household to prepare delicious meals every night without all the fuss of traditional grocery shopping and meal prep. There are loads of home delivery services that have popped up to offer easy to prepare meals to doorsteps to nearly any neighborhood. If you know someone who is struggling to manage their daily meal planning or wants to learn how to cook,  purchasing a set of home delivery meal packages for them might be a great Christmas gift to consider.

Although it may not sound like a good way to do Christmas shopping on a budget, most meal delivery companies have incredibly affordable introductory offers that will allow you to really get some bang for your buck. You could get your friend or family member two weeks of meals for the same price as two or three meals at a restaurant!

Baked Goods

christmas cookies

Baking cookies around the holidays is a fantastic way to create inexpensive Christmas gifts for nearly anyone on your list. Although this is a go-to gift for certain people in your life, like teachers or mail men, whom you want to express your appreciation for any time of year, baked goods can be a good Christmas gift too.

To really save on this gift and not ruin your Christmas shopping on a budget, purchase cookie mixes in bulk and bake a couple dozen cookies at a time. Then divide them up on Christmas themed paper plates to tins from your local dollar stores. Add a sweet note or gift tag to the cookies, and you’ve got a personalized inexpensive Christmas gift that anyone would appreciate.

Where to Buy Cooking & Baking Christmas Gifts on a Budget

Other Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas

gift basket

  • Order discount chocolate covered strawberries or other sweet treats from Sharri’s Berries and get 6.0% cash back.
  • Buy a gourmet win gift basket from Uncorked Ventures to supply your gift recipient with wine for the entire holiday season.
  • Instead of buying one single plant or bouquet of flowers for your special someone, consider getting them a 6-month subscription to Bloomsybox and they’ll get beautiful flowers delivered to their door every month (and you’ll earn 8.0% cash back!).

If you really want to do Christmas on a budget, consider buying all your gift wrapping materials in bulk from Bags & Bows by Deluxe and you’ll earn 6.0% cash back on your purchase too.

Are You Ready to Get All Your Christmas Gifts On A Budget?

Now that you know how to find all the best inexpensive Christmas gifts, you can gift yourself a holiday season that is stress-free and debt-free this year.

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