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Items That Are Great Rewards To Your Hardwork



Spend some time recognizing them this Labor Day, and choose the fab find that matches the way you're feeling.

Spend some time recognizing them this Labor Day, and choose the fab find that matches the way you’re feeling.


Don’t we all love Labor Day? While many people go on vacation, we suggest getting yourself something that will remind you of how hardworking you’ve been. A badge of honor, if you will, or simply motivation for you to push even harder. You don’t need to blow a huge chunk of your salary for this reward! That’s thanks to the deals and discounts you can get via Piggy. Consider these nine fab items for your rewards list:

Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick

The right lipstick can make an incredible first impression, whether you’re walking into the interview room or the board room. The ritual of freshening up your lipstick before an important meeting becomes your way of building up your courage, so it makes sense to grab one that reminds you to Be Legendary. Get this lipstick for free with a $25 Sephora purchase.

Ringly Smart Bracelet

It’s tough to find a smart watch or fitness band that’s fashionable enough to keep up with you. This smart bracelet blends in perfectly with your work outfits, and it offers plenty of features that make it work as hard as you do every day. Save $100 off these smart bracelets at Barnes and Noble.

Leather Business Backpack

You have a lot to juggle in your life, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by your to-do list. A classically styled leather business backpack gives you the perfect place to organize everything. You might go through a lot of change in your life, but you work hard toward your future, and this long-lasting backpack shows your commitment. Get 25 percent off and free shipping on orders over $49 at eBags.

Bean Bags

You couldn’t have gotten as far as you have without some downtime. A bean bag shows your relaxed and casual side, getting a well-deserved rest after all the hard work you put in. Plus, it’s a great way to introduce more seating into your living room without figuring out where to fit a new couch. Get 2 percent cash back on your order from Walmart.

Tea Blends

The comfort and warmth of an expertly crafted tea blend remind you of the way you feel when things just fall into place. Every sip makes you realize how much you bring to the table in your personal and professional life. Get two free tea blends and some rock sugar sweetener when you spend $60 or more at Teavana.

Dr. Scholl’s Shoe Inserts

Sometimes you have to focus on the utilitarian side of things, and Dr. Scholl’s shoe inserts help you do just that. They enable you to go further and do more by cutting down on foot pain and making it comfortable to walk around. Get $10 off your $50 or more order at Dr. Scholl’s.

Wicked Good Cupcakes

You deserve a special sweet treat for all you do. When you want a flavorful moment away from your lengthy to-do list, turn to these delectable cupcakes, available in your favorite flavors. Get free shipping at Wicked Good Cupcakes.

Eagle Creek Compression Cubes

Need more time and less stress? These compression cubes help you pack for your travels using less space. You’ll arrive at your destination completely organized, and you may be able to cut your packing down to a carry-on bag. Get 1 percent cashback at Eagle Creek.

Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

Music has a way of soothing the soul. Convenient Bluetooth speakers clip onto whatever’s handy, so you always have them around when you want to fill the room with your tunes. Get 15 percent off your order at Staples.


It’s easy to take your accomplishments for granted. Spend some time recognizing them this Labor Day, and choose the fab find that matches the way you’re feeling. You deserve to treat yourself after all your hard work, and with our discounts and cashback offers you can fit it into any budget.

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