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With many Americans starting their holiday shopping before the end of summer, millions of people head to shopping malls on Labor Day Weekend or check out their favorite online stores in hopes of finding the best Labor Day deals. Aligning with this jumpstart to holiday shopping, there are many special Labor Day deals and discounts available, but there’s no need to panic about missing out. We’ve made it our mission to bring you the best deals and discounts online year round, and Labor Day is not excluded. To help you level up your search for the best Labor Day deals online or in-store, here are five tips to maximize your Labor Day shopping. 

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1. Shop Online & Access Deals Automatically

Whether you’re looking for the best Labor Day deals on Laptops or the best Labor Day deals online that  are perfect for your budget, start your shopping by downloading the Piggy Chrome extension. You’ll not only get coupons added to your shopping cart automatically, you will also get the opportunity to access exclusive offers and cash back opportunities from our partner stores.

2. Visit Your Favorite Store’s Website in Advance

Even if Labor Day deals aren’t live yet on store websites, you can often find out what’s going to be on offer in advance. For example, Groupon counts down to the release of their Labor Day deals, so you can be prepared to be online at the exact moment whatever product you’re searching for goes on sale. And going back to our first tip, you can maximize your Labor Day deals by using Piggy; you can earn 8% cash back on Groupon purchases when you use Piggy.

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3. Compare Rival Retailers

Many retailers will purposefully offer bigger Labor Day deals and discounts than their competitors, so don’t be afraid to shop around to see who has the lowest price for any product you’re searching for. Don’t assume that going directly to the brand’s website might not be the cheapest option too! You can also consider shopping for the best Labor Day deals around, and then bring them to a store that offers price matching to make sure you can get the best deal and still get rewards points or use your store credit card at your preferred store. Bring the best Labor Day deals you can find to Target to see if they’ll do price matching, which is likely because they’re notorious for doing great price matching.

4. Consider Cash Back Opportunities

One of the biggest benefits of searching for the best Labor Day deals online is the cash back offers you can take advantage of by installing Piggy. Here are just a few of the incredible cash back offers you can pair with your Labor Day deals to maximize your savings:


5. Think Outside the Box

Don’t only think about how to get the best Labor Day deals on tvs or where to find the best Labor Day sales on women’s clothing. Labor Day deals can reach far beyond your usual stomping ground too! If you’re planning to book a vacation soon, it might be worth waiting until Labor Day so you can take advantage of special travel deals. Keep an eye on flight booking sites, like, or accommodation options, like Hilton Hotels, to find some of the best Labor Day deals online for your next trip.

Are You Ready to Find The Best Labor Day Deal on Anything?

If you want to find the best Labor Day deals, then remember to be a smart shopper! Do your research, plan ahead, and do NOT make impulse buys you’re bound to regret later. Start looking for Labor Day deals and offers from Piggy, so you don’t miss out on the chance to save money!

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