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Oh no. It happened, didn’t it? The holidays crept up and crept up, and deal after deal came and went. You had vague ideas of what to get for the people you need to shop for, but not a whole lot of holiday shopping was done. Or, maybe you got your shopping done, but you need something to really seal the gift-giving deal. Either way, there’s no need to fret. You still have plenty of last minute holiday shopping deals available to you – and many will ensure you can put something under the tree in a couple days. Well, in theory anyway!

We’ll help you out with this one, with our compilation of some of the best last minute Christmas shopping deals and cash back available right now!

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1. Groupon

Your gift doesn’t need to be materialistic or wrapped in a great big box to be an amazing gift your recipient will cherish. Your holiday gift can be a promise to enjoy a future memory together doing one of your mutually favorite activities or trying out a new activity together. Depending on you and your recipient, this could be a day at the spa with massages, a night on the town with a good dinner to start the evening, or a whole host of other potential things to do. It can be whatever fits you and your loved one best, because great memories last longer and mean more than any material gift you can buy.

With a few clicks of the mouse, and you’ll have yourself a great present that won’t even require any wrapping! But, back to the last minute holiday deals (we didn’t forget!), you can get loads of deals on activities from Groupon. When it’s last minute holiday shopping time, Groupon always offers great deals on activities for all you last minute shoppers. Groupon also offers 8% cash back for Piggy users, so don’t forget to take advantage of this opportunity to get paid to do your last minute holiday shopping!

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2. Kohl’s

Here’s what’s great about last minute holiday shopping at Kohl’s: there’s something for everyone. Okay, that’s a little vague. How about this: there are last minute holiday deals to help you get everyone on your list something they’ll love. New hoodie with their favorite team’s mascot on it? Check. Video games? Check. Kitchen appliances? Check. We said Kohl’s has everything you need to do your last minute holiday shopping, and we meant it!

A “we have everything” type of place like Kohl’s has last minute holiday shopping deals for literally everyone on your shopping list. When you hit double digit days in December, Kohls takes last minute holiday shopping seriously by offering loads of deals and discounts on popular gift items, so you can choose what’s right for your gift shopping. The best part is, they can help you do your last minute Christmas shopping online, with free shipping offers and in-store pickup; this will help you get your savings online and get your products almost instantly.

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3. Home Chef

Do you happen to have someone in your life who wants to cook more? Or do you know someone who loves cooking already, but just doesn’t have the time to put up with a grocery store? Is there someone on your holiday shopping list who recently said they don’t know what chutney is and you’ve decided to help them expand their culinary palette? Then you might want to factor these realizations into your last minute holiday shopping for these people in your life.

Luckily, Home Chef can do the work for you, all you need to do is get your loved one a subscription to get them started. They’ll pick their meals and Home Chef will send them ingredients and instructions, so they expand their cooking skills and palate. Home Chef is like LEGOs for the kitchen. Let’s be honest: cooking ramen bricks with a coffee mug in a dorm room microwave was fine in college, but post-grad life makes that pretty depressing. We’re sure your gift recipient won’t be upset about having some new recipes in their arsenal, and a little guidance to make sure every meal turns out great. Take advantage of last minute holiday deals from Home Chef to get your loved one as many quality meals as possible.

Shop Home Chef Deals & $8 Cash Back at Piggy

4. JCPenny

It’s time to level with you about last minute holiday shopping. We know you know what JCPenny is, so let’s not fool around with what you can find at JCP, because you already know: great deals on hundreds of different products that make amazing gifts. You probably have a JCP right by you, so their sales must have been in your line of sight at some point.

But, what you may not know is that the last minute holiday deals at JCPenney are worth looking into! For example, we bet you didn’t know that if you do your last minute christmas shopping online at JCPenney and make your order by 3 pm, you can do same day pickup. And when you drop by to pick up your gifts, you can grab a card or wrapping paper in-store if you need to finish wrapping up your gifts. Even better than their quick turnaround time is the numbers of coupons they have available for all your last minute holiday shopping, so be sure to find the best ones before your make your purchase.

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Last Minute Holiday Deals Are Within Reach (From Home!)

When December rolls around, time is limited, so last minute holiday shopping can be a real frenzy. If you want to avoid the craze of last minute shoppers, do your last minute Christmas shopping online. And if you truly want the best last minute holiday deals, then you have to do your shopping online with Piggy. We’ll find you coupons automatically and help you earn cash back on your last minute holiday shopping spree, so you won’t ruin your holiday budget.

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