5 Car Care Tips to Make Your Car Last Forever




How To Make Your Car Last Forever

If you want to make your car last forever, then you have to treat your car right with all the best car care tips— as if it was a living, breathing being. But, newsflash: there are actually a lot more ways to take care of your car than just washing it regularly or jazzing it up with random interior accessories.

To help you learn how to maintain your car to last many years, we’ve put together our best car care tips you might not know about below:

1. Treat Your Car Extra Special

Instead of just going to your friendly neighborhood car shop or tinkling with your car in your own workshop, try taking your car to a top notch automotive shop for some tender love and care. If your wallet is already starting to throb at the thought of the bill, don’t worry. You can get loads of automotive services and products from top stores at awesome prices when you shop using Piggy. Our money saving browser extension will make sure you always get the best deals and discounts, and earn cash back on every purchase you make. More savings equals more money to invest back in caring for your beloved car in other ways!

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2. Don’t Misuse Your Car

Read: it’s not a garbage can, so please keep the inside neat and tidy at all times. The exteriors might be sparkly clean, but if the inside of your car is strewn with remnants of yesterday’s snack, small knick knacks you “forgot” were there, and other stuff that turn it into a hot mess, then you’re not taking care of your vehicle as well as you should. If you really want to make your car last forever, you’ll need to keep it clean from the inside of your glove box to the back seat to the bumpers and tires. Remember the cost of buying a new car every time you think of throwing a bag of trash from your fast food run in the back seat!

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3. Buy a Back-up Detection Device.

Having a rear-facing video and warning alarms will surely help minimize your risk of minor accidents, or just backing into your garbage barrels in the garage. Car care tips go beyond taking care of your car with this one, because a backup detection device will also make you a safer driver and protect your passengers even better.

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4. Listen Carefully to Your Motor

If you’re cruising along and hear something that doesn’t sound right, lean in and listen carefully! It might just be normal creak or purr, but if you consistently notice something that sounds out of the ordinary, then trust your gut and get it checked out. Many car owners run their car far beyond what they should before succumbing to a check up because they dread the potential costs. But, the longer you run a motor with an issue, the higher the costs may be. If you want to make your car last forever, you should treat it like a human, and if you were feeling sick for multiple days, you’d go in for a check up too!

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5. Get Your Oil Changes on Time

This may be one of the most obvious car care tips most people think of, but that doesn’t mean everyone pays attention to it. If you mentally press snooze every time you realize you’ve gone over the recommended mileage, you could be hurting your car more than you’re helping to make it last forever. Listen to your mechanic, set a reminder in your phone, and always schedule time in your calendar to take your car in for an oil change.

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Put These Car Care Tips to Use!

Now that you’ve boosted your car IQ by learning our car care tips— and you know how to get the best deals on products and services for your vehicle, you’ll be able to make your car last forever without any trouble at all.

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