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How To Make The Most Out Of The Remaining Days Of Summer



Now is the time to plan the activities that will round out your summer perfectly!


It’s already July, so the days are getting shorter. Are you making the most of what remains of summer? You could lounge on your back porch drinking iced tea, but now is the perfect time to explore the world. You don’t even have to spend a king’s ransom to soak up the rest of the season like royalty. At Piggy, we love helping you find the best deals to maximize your life, so you know we have some recommendations for turning this time of the year up a notch…

1. Take a Last-Minute Summer Trip

With Piggy discounts from major online travel agencies, you can afford to take off on a spontaneous long weekend. Pack your bags for Seattle to see their world famous fish market or jet off to Florida where you can sun yourself on South Beach and then enjoy some divine Cuban coffee.

2. Enjoy Spa Treatments

Everyone could use a massage or facial, especially when you’ve been out running around under the sun. You may not live the glamorous life of a Real Housewife, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pamper yourself like one from time to time. Shop Groupon for a great deal on spa treatments in your area.

3. Tackle a New Skill

If you’ve always wanted to take a baking class or give yoga a try, add it to your summer bucket list. When you head into autumn with a new skill under your belt, you can keep having fun and savoring memories long after Labor Day. You can get a Piggy discount for many activities when you sign up on LivingSocial.

4. Update Your Wardrobe

You still have time to show off your legs or wow everyone in a brand new bathing suit! Shop spectacular deals at your favorite department store. In fact, the last half of summer is the best time to fill up your closet with sale items that will still be in style next year. Of course, Piggy has tons of clothing deals with your favorite stores.

5. Focus on Fitness

If getting into your swimsuit reminded you about the few pounds you put on last winter, it’s not too late to get svelte before September. Get efficient home workout allies from¬†Titan Fitness or book a workout class now, and you can boost your endorphins while you get in shape.


Summer is well under way, blink and it’ll be Labor Day! Now is the time to plan the activities that will perfectly round out your vacation time. Grab some great deals today, and you’ll make this summer one to remember!