The Modern Man knows the right way to do things. He doesn’t pay full price when he doesn’t have to because he knows fully well that style doesn’t come with a heavy price tag. That’s why Piggy is his best buddy because it lets him not just save when shopping, but earn cash back from his purchases, too. The Modern Man also knows the importance of investing in quality. There are some common elements in his closet—timeless style essentials that are appropriate for all ages—that are sure to take your style to the next level:

Top Coat

First off, you need a good top coat, like this wool-cashmere one from Ralph Lauren (with 3.5% cash back from Piggy). GQ says it “is the rare outerwear piece that turns just about any collection of garments you have on into a total look.” The lines are timeless and the quality unmistakable. Wear it over a suit in the winter to look appropriate for any meeting or throw it on over your weekend wear for a classic style that is 100% Modern Man.

Slim Suit

Next, you are going to need a suit—and not just any will do. You need simple, streamlined, and slim—just ask GQ. Tommy Hilfiger makes a great modern suit, as well as thoughtful separates, so you can put together your own suit, like a linen blazer and summer-weight wool pants (plus get 2% cash back with Piggy).

The Right Jeans

Modern Man also needs the right clothes for casual wear, and Gap is where it’s at (with 3% cash back from Piggy). The iconic clothing company offers styles to suit every guy, from fashion forward slim jeans to the standard classic cut and everything in between. According to TheIdleMan, you need to have a range of shades in your closet but keep it fitted. When the silhouette is right, you always look on point.

Leather Loafers

You are also going to need the right shoes: Leather loafers. According to the Gentleman’s Gazette, choose the right pair and you can wear them with corporate suits on a Monday morning or jeans on a Saturday night. Go with a classic loafer style like these Gucci loafers at Bloomingdales (with 2% cash back via Piggy) so you can wear them with jeans or suits, and everything in between.

The Modern Man silhouette is fresh and the materials of high quality. Money may not be able to buy happiness, but you can get the look you want. Have stellar style without breaking the bank by downloading Piggy today.

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