Today I am sharing with you my must have skincare hacks to make your life easier! Let’s get started.

Pimple bandages. We all know how pesky pimples or acne can be, but the best way is to actually use pimple bandages. I’m surprised many people didn’t know about these little miracles, but they’re basically made out of hydrocolloid dressing. It is the same dressing used to address wounds, so they suck out all the gross stuff.  I’ve been using this for quite some time now and they’re definitely effective. Just check out this twitter user who used them:

Chap sticks. I have dry lips, so I used them everyday, but I also use them in different ways. Remember when you’re sick, and your nose kind of gets raw, dry and crusty looking? Especially if you’re using toilet paper to blow your nose? Yes, me too. So whenever that happens, I take a little bit of chap stick and rub it on to the spots that are getting cracked or dry. My favorite would be Nicka K Hydro Care because it moisturizes my lips for a long time. You can check Beauty Plus Salon to purchase this for only $4.99! 

Eye cream. Now this is something I do on a pinch and I know we all share this experience. We sometimes forget our make up remover at home when we are traveling. My solution? I just take an eye cream or face moisturizer and I use that as a make up remover. It helps remove all that residue off your eyes a lot easier. Just make sure to not get it in your eyes. 😀 It also works well in removing any lip stains. 

Sheet Masks. Whenever I use sheet masks, I like to utilize every part of it. People tend to forget that sheet masks are packed with a ton of essence inside the little packet. Every time I feel lazy and I don’t feel like putting on body lotion, I just put the sheet mask on my face and then use the essence on the rest of my body. I feel like I’m being productive because I am not wasting anything. 

Toner. Another tip when showering is to keep your toner in your shower. In Korean skincare, they have this 3-minute roll which means that when you wash your skin, you want to be sure to put on a toner. This is to balance the pH of your skin for 3 minutes after you wash your face. In order to stay in that time frame, I just keep my toner in the shower. 


As an added note, you can purchase all these in one place and with free shipping when you buy for $50 or more on Beauty Plus Salon!

I hope you enjoyed my skin care hacks! Let me know if you have any additional skincare tips in the comment section down below.

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