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New Year’s Resolution: Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa for Maximum Relaxation



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After a long day of work there are few things better than coming home and relaxing in your bath. But if you’re bathroom is cluttered, dirty, or poorly designed, this could be far from relaxing.

By making some small changes to the atmosphere and the products that you use, you can turn your bathroom into a spa and make it feel like a getaway in your own home.

If you’re New Year’s resolution is to turn your bathroom into a spa, then here are some tips on the top ways to redo your bathroom and create a beautiful spa experience.


While true in every room of your house, it’s even more so in the bathroom when you’re trying to create a relaxing environment: clutter is stressful.

By removing everyday items, such as makeup, toiletries, etc., from your line of site it creates a nice clean and organized feeling. Spas themselves embrace a minimalistic style that helps a room feel more open and gives it a serene and calming presence.

Additionally, when everything has its own place in the bathroom area, it helps to start your morning in an organized way that can trickle into the rest of your day.

Create extra storage

In order to get your bathroom from mess to success, you’ll likely need to add extra storage. Shelving units with baskets and clear glass jars are a great way to create a nice aesthetic, as well as add some organization to a crowded bathroom.

Choose calming colors

It has been scientifically shown that blue and white environments offer a sense of calm. Set the right tone for your “spa” by choosing neutral colors such as white, beige, or blue. While it may be alluring to add bold accents and colorful shower curtains, this will only take away from the calming atmosphere you are trying to adopt.

Upgrade your shower head

A massage shower head is a must for a spa-like experience. A nice massage showerhead can make a big difference in how you feel. It can also have a simple, elegant design to make your shower feel like a calming waterfall.

Bring in plants

Plants are an easy way to help create a more comfortable and tranquil setting. Incorporate house plants and flowers for a healthy environment. Want a plant that is both nice to look at and helps with your health? Try out some of these NASA approved plants for their air purifying properties.

Upgrade towels and rugs

Having a warm, fluffy towel that is just the right size feels like a warm hug, and who doesn’t want that? Get a nice and fluffy bath rug and some luxurious towels, both are key ingredients for your spa-like bathroom.

Add calming scents

Scents and aromatherapy are becoming increasingly popular and it’s easy to see why. Many scents have a calming effect on a person such as lavender, lemon, jasmine or vanilla. Essential oils, scented soaps and lotions are great ways to introduce a calming element to your bathroom. You can easily find these products in places like Bath and Body Works.

How to have the best at-home spa experience

Creating an in-home spa is more than just the space and the products you use, it’s also about the state-of-mind you put yourself in. So how can you have the best at-home spa experience?

Turn off your phone

It has been proven that every time we hear our phone ring with an alert or text message it creates instant stress in our brain. In order to have a relaxing time it’s important to shut off the outside world and take time just for yourself.

Get in the mood

No matter what it is that works for you, it’s important to unwind from a stressful day or week. Studies have shown that people that have used aromatherapy were significantly less stressed than those that did not. Light up a nice scented candle or infuse your water with some essential oils from Bath and Body Works. Either way this will help to get you in the right frame of mind.

Drink some detoxing water

There may be nothing that says spa experience more than drinking water that has been infused with cucumbers and fruit. Drinking this can enhance the whole spa experience and help your body and your brain to relax.

Steam your face

A humid and steamy environment is the cornerstone of a spa experience. Steaming your face allows the skin to be cleared of congestion, pores to be detoxified, and leaves you feeling revitalized and rejuvenated. Is there anything more relaxing than that?

Final Thoughts

Whether you have a large bathroom, or a small bathroom that always seems tight on space, turning it into a relaxing spa experience is not as hard as you may think. With some easy renos and a few adjustments you can have a calming oasis to retreat to in no time.

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