Call me old school, but I love getting myself a magazine with a cup of coffee to start my day.

Are magazines and the print media still relevant to the modern world today? I have this kind of argument with my friends most of the time. Sure, for the latest, breaking news, online news feeds serve consumers well. And I love how fast I can get updates on my favorite artists using Twitter or Facebook.

Nevertheless, I still love grabbing me a good magazine with that beautiful picture on the cover and devour it at a coffee shop, on my couch or on a plane. I just hold the mag in my hands, touch the pages and feel its weight and texture, the glossy paper.

The truth is I find magazines visually appealing. It brings back a feeling of nostalgia. Something to be kept. After all you can’t delete a piece of paper, can you?

I always check for the latest issue of my favorite magazine and with their Holiday Tag Sale, I can save 70-90% and who knows? Like the return of the LP along with stylish reinventions of the record player, maybe it will become so much more in the future.

I will just cherish every cover without worrying about the expiration date on my passion of reading them!

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