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Where to go Back to School Shopping AND Save

Maybe another school year has begun, but you haven’t done all your back to school shopping yet. Or, maybe the school year just ended, and you’re already stressing about the endless back to school shopping list your child is going to receive any moment from his or new teacher. No matter what time of year it is, doing your back to school shopping online is the best way to save!

When you do your back to school shopping online using Piggy, there are countless items at discounted prices even after school starts. Plus, you can earn cash back when you do your online back to school shopping at selected partner stores, so you’ll end up earning money back on your purchases.

So, you never have to wonder where to do your back to school shopping again, because sitting on your couch, sipping a glass of wine or coffee, enjoying the comfort of your own home, and saving tons of money will top the chaos of shopping at a store any day!

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Best Stores for Back to School Shopping Online

Whether you’re searching for clothes, school supplies, or any other item on your child’s back to school shopping list, you’re sure to find great deals online! Here are just a few of the best places to go back to school shopping online:


You can find plenty of stylish clothes and school supplies at Target that will make any kid excited to go back to school. Whether your child wants to decorate their locker, find a backpack, get a new outfit, or buy pens in every color, Target has a wide selection of products available online to help you get your back to school shopping done.

Office Depot

Office Depot is known for providing high quality school supplies and up to 50% off sale items, but Piggy will help you earn 4% cash back on every purchase too! From kindergarten to college, Office Depot can help make all your online back to school shopping easier.

Get durable gym shoes or comfortable everyday shoes for your kiddos (and yourself) sans the oh-no-I-feel-so-bad-I-spent-so-much feeling by doing your online back to school shopping at You can earn 3% cash back on your purchase and you’ll get free shipping on every order.

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Best Buy

If you have any gadgets or electronics on your back to school shopping list, then look for great deals at Best Buy. When you do your back to school shopping online with Piggy, you’ll be able to find Best Buy discounts on everything from computer mice to headphones to Kindles.


Get free shipping on orders of $45 or more and 3% cash back when you shop online at Quill. They carry everything from notebooks to tape to pens!

Make sure your kids smell fresh the entire school day by ordering perfume at, and get 8% cash back on every purchase when you shop with Piggy.


Although Walmart was surely already on your list of the best back to school stores, by doing your back to school shopping online at you’ll skip all those annoying lines at the checkout! And don’t worry, you can get free 2-day shipping on every order too.

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Now You’re Ready to do your Online Back to School Shopping Right!

Every parent wants their child to head back to school confident and ready to enjoy learning every day, without stressing themselves out by overspending on back to school shopping. So don’t worry, all of these amazing deals, and thousands more, will be available at your fingertips when you use Piggy to do your back to school shopping online.

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