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It’s nearly impossible to remember all the little dates and events that occur throughout the year. No matter how strong your memory may be, remembering tiny details can be a huge feat. That’s why personalized photo calendars can come in handy to help you remember important dates and wonderful memories all at the same time. Here are some great hints to making photo calendars online that will help you enjoy the process and save money only a personalized photo calendar:

Why Create a Personalized Photo Calendar?

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A new year offers a great opportunity to start fresh, and that includes getting things organized and preparing for events to come throughout the year. A personalized photo calendar can provide you with the perfect way to start the year off on the right foot and write everything down in preparation of the new year. Keeping up with special events without a calendar can sometimes prove to be a challenge, so adding special occasion dates to your personalized photo calendar can help you stay on top of events, such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and many others. When you make a photo calendar online, you can add a photo of the person with their associated birthday/event in each respective month.

Calendars are certainly nothing new, but they’re still highly useful, even in our digital world when smartphones and tablets are increasingly used to send us reminders of upcoming events. There’s something classic and timeless about a traditional paper-based calendar that a virtual calendar simply cannot offer. Having a personalized photo calendar out on display that you can glance at every so often can help keep you on track and stick to resolution plans, while also displaying some of your favorite photos from the previous year.

How to Make a Calendar Online

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Now that you know why a personalized photo calendar can be useful, how exactly do you go about making photo calendars online to suit your needs?

1. Choose a Photo Calendar Maker

There are plenty of websites that can help you learn how to make your own calendar online, however some are more expensive than others. You want to look for websites that offer an easy-to-use online platform at an affordable price, while still giving you plenty of customization options for your personalized photo calendars. Here are some of the best websites where you can make a photo calendar online:

2. Gather Your Digital Images

Selecting all the digital photos you want to include before you start to make a photo calendar online is imperative to the process. Name the files something easily recognizable that will help you reference what the photos are or who is in the photos, and then group them into a single folder. The photos you include in your personalized photo calendar can be anything from traditional family portraits to candid shots with friends to children’s artwork. The good news is, you can include imagery that was not originally taken on a digital camera, because you can scan basically anything and upload it to be digitally accessible when you make a calendar online.


3. Identify High-Definition Images

Most personalized photo calendar creation platforms require high-definition photos, and will notify you when the image you choose doesn’t have a high enough resolution to ensure clear printing. Typically you’ll get better results with higher-resolution images, so keep that in mind when you’re choosing which images to include your calendar.

4. Prep Your Images

When you’re trying to figure out how to make your own calendar online, it is best to make sure all your images are similarly sized and you adjust any filtering or other photo editing you want done before you start using the images. You also might want to choose photos that have bright accents that can be easily paired with coordinating vibrant backdrops or look for patterns that go well with certain background colors. This is where your creativity and vision will start to come to life!

5. Sort Your Photos By Season

Being organized when making photo calendars online will streamline the process. Since you’ll be featuring your images on different months of the calendar, it only makes sense to have your images organized according to the season, such as images of winter ski trips, spring flower patches, summer pool parties, and changing autumn leaves. Having the images you choose for your personalized photo calendar organized by season will make the calendar feel more timely each time you turn the page to a new month.

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6. Decide On Your Calendar Template

Once you’ve selected all your images and have prepared them accordingly, the fun of making photo calendars online begins! First off, you’ll want to choose the size and layout for your personalized photo calendar that fits with your design vision. Be sure to consider where you will be keeping the calendar and how you will be using it in your daily life. For example, decide if you want it to hang on your refrigerator or sit on top of your desk.

7. Personalize Your Calendar

This is the best part! Now you can create a design for your calendar with the images that best depict your memories throughout the year. You can add in personal dates on each day of the month, such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and other significant events, as much as you’d like to further personalize your calendar. And then choose related photos to make each memory even more vivid when you turn the page of your calendar.

8. Complete Your Personalized Photo Calendar

Add any finishing touches that you may like, such as borders around photos or glossy versus matte finishes on your pages. Once you’ve reviewed your personalized photo calendar, it’s time to have it printed so you can enjoy looking at it every day! If you’ve gone through all the effort of making photo calendars online, you might want to order a few extra for some of your friends or family as a gift too.

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Get Creative Making Photo Calendars Online!

Having a personalized photo calendar can not only help keep you organized, it can also help you remember the most important dates and events that matter to all the special people in your life. Besides, personalized photo calendars are fun to peruse when you want to reflect on happy times or point out memories from years’ past.

Figure out how to make your own calendar by checking out one of our recommended personalized photo calendar websites below right now!

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