By the time New Year’s rolls around, you may be suffering from holiday fatigue.  After you’ve cooked, cleaned and hosted your way through the holiday season, you deserve a break. New year’s is a great excuse to go out and celebrate with your friends . We’re here to tell you different ways to ring in the New Year. No matter how you choose to celebrate, you know this will be the best NYE yet, and we hope you have a Happy New Year!

1.A Cozy Pajama Party

If your friends want to take it easy this New Year’s, a PJ party is the way to go. You can all get cozy in your favorite pajamas, and have a party like an old school sleepover. You can serve your fave snacks like pizza, brownies, and s’mores. You can even decorate your apartment like a huge blanket fort that you all can hang out in as the ball drops.

2. Create a Self Serve Bar

My favorite way to do this is with a bar cart. Let your guests call the shots. “A party with a few self-serve bars makes for fun activity and conversational flow, as people can make the rounds from bar cart to counter top to table top, and try different cocktails they mixed themselves.” – Celerie Kemble

3. Pamper yourself

I think it will be a super fun idea to kind of pamper yourself, so go ahead and do your nails, toes and maybe get your hair colored. This is to get yourself prepared and ready for the New Year.

4. Go to an “open-air” event

These “street party”-type events often include performances by live musicians or DJs, confetti, and a fireworks display. Some require tickets to be purchased ahead of time, and some are free to attend.

5. Go to a casino

Aside from playing cards and slot machines, casinos often host New Year’s Eve celebrations that include dinner and a show from professional singers, tribute bands, or comedians. You must be 21 or older to enter a Casino. Las Vegas hosts a party where all the casinos work in tandem to create one strip wide party.

6. Go dancing

Most of us love a dance, and the good news is that celebrating the New Year with a boogie on the dance floor could help you burn off hundreds of calories. While hitting the dance floor in a club or bar is as good an option as any, if nights on the town aren’t your thing there are plenty of good alternatives. If you fancy a relaxed night in, you could get your friends round for a dance session on the Xbox. Or, for something a little more formal, book tickets for a New Year’s Eve ball. Alternatively, get in on one of the year’s hottest trends by hosting or attending a New Year Zumba party.

7. Movies and popcorn

Do all these ideas sound too much like hard work? Well, the good news is you can boost your health right from the comfort of your couch. While watching television might not be quite as good for you as hitting the streets for a run, there are still health benefits to be had. Watching a comedy show or movie has been found to be beneficial for your heart, immune system and mental well being, while snacking on popcorn will give your body a boost of antioxidants, nutrients and fiber.

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