Christmas time is quickly approaching. This is always the time of the year when everybody’s scrambling looking for gifts and wondering what to buy for certain people or who they’re going to buy for. Yet there’s that awkward moment where you have these lovely co-workers that you really do like and you’re fond of, but you’re not super close. Let’s skip past that and find awesome gifts under $25 for the people you spend so much time with at work.

The last thing anybody needs at work is a poorly brewed cup of tea. It ruins lunch break. Not only his or her tea will taste good, but it’ll look good as well. The lemon tea infuser from Walmart offers a sweet novel design. It allows the user to remove peel to reveal a vessel for their favorite leaves. Once the lemons loaded up just sit back, relax, and sip at your citrus inspired taste creation.

Nothing beats a great pair of socks, am I right? Not only does everyone need them, but there’s also such a wide variety of options available online that you’re bound to find a pair for any and every personality. Know of a few pizza lovers in the office? A pepperoni-clad pair from Urban Outfitters would make the perfect gift.

If you’re truly stumped on what to get someone, a Starbucks card is a great standby. Everyone has a Starbucks somewhere near them, and everyone can find something to eat, drink, or enjoy there at some point. Make sure to load it up with enough money to actually cover at least one drink, but from there, you are good to go. Nice and simple.

A coffee mug warmer solves the problem of accidentally leaving your once hot drink on the side. It is like a mini stove custom-built for cups that need reheat.

If you don’t want to leave your house to go find these stuff for your friends and stay well within your budget -get ready for this - shop at Piggy and you will find that all of your favorite shops are included in their great deals!



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