Bunny Binkies

When rabbits are excited and/or happy, they do great leaps and twist their bodies mid-air. This is called binkying, and can sometimes be as simple as jumping to the side. With all that energetic movement, isn’t their joy pretty infectious?

Pachyderm Concern

If one of its peers is feeling down, you can trust an elephant to express reassurance. It will reach out to the other animal with its trunk and stroke it as well as sound out with a cheep, which experts say may be the equivalent of the human’s comforting “It’s all right.”

Kitty Smack

Have you ever seen your cat slowly blinking at you, with its eyes half open? This gesture is called a cat kiss, and this is one way of telling you that they love you! Show them love right back by giving a cat kiss of your own.

Doggy LOL

Pups laugh too, but not in high-pitched giggles. Instead, their laughter sounds more like panting. The next time you play with your pooch, keep an ear out for a “hhuh, hhuh” sound. Researchers have identified this as canine laughter, which mostly occurs during play.

Bi(r)d for Attention

“Hey, pick me up!” or “Pet me, please?” is what your pet bird is saying whenever it’s clicking its tongue!


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