Many of these tangible gifts consist of expensive electronics, clothing, appliances, jewelry, and even cars. These are nice gifts to give and receive. But “intangible” gifts—gifts that have no physical presence and can’t be touched—can truly change the quality of your life and can be the best gifts you can ever give and receive.

The Gift of Compassion

It’s not enough to just feel sorry for others. You have to do something about it. Make other people’s day a happy one by giving away what you can. These may be your old clothes (make sure they are still wearable), food, and even your time and energy as you talk and interact with them.

The Gift of Understanding

With all the hustle and bustle,  someone’s nerves are bound to get frayed (including yours). Instead of snapping back at your sister or brother, or getting annoyed at your coworker, take a few deep breaths and try to understand the situation. You’ll discover that keeping the peace will be a big factor in having a great day!

The Gift of Time

We all have a million things to do, that’s why time is a highly priced commodity. Give your loved ones this gift by sitting still and listening to them, or catching up with Mom as you help her cook. A few years from now, you’ll look back and realize what a treasured memory those times have become.

The Gift of Love

Love is a powerful thing. No wonder it is much cherished. Show your love by giving Dad a tight hug, affectionately laying your head on Mom’s shoulder, taking wacky pictures with your siblings, and playing with your pup. These little things add up and become one big ball of happy, fuzzy feels for everyone.

The challenge: bring more happiness into the life of your loved ones by choosing a gift that is an experience instead of a material object 

Why is there so much fuss about giving an experience instead of an object?

If you need an idea for a really, really special and unforgettable gift for a loved one, choose an experience instead of just more stuff. Why? It has already been proven many times that experiences make us happier than objects, and that this happiness lasts longer. Of course, there is nothing wrong with tangible presents like electronics for example. But with it plus the gift of compassion, time, understanding and love, it will be a powerful combo they will never forget.

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