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Practical Gifts To Help Fresh Grads In The Real World



Joining the “real world” isn’t quite easy, so fresh grads need all the help they can get.

Joining the “real world” isn’t easy, so fresh grads need all the help they can get.


Come to think of it, graduation is more of a beginning than an end. For those who have finished university, it’s a gateway leading to brand new possibilities. Help make the grads’ job hunting and eventual foray into the workforce smoother and more fun with practical gifts. Veer away from the typical mementos! Give them something that they can use for to achieve their career goals.

Here are really cool deals on items that will be of great help to the fresh grads in your life:

The Gift: Chic Kenneth Cole Reaction Business bags from eBags

The discount: 70% off + 3.0% cash back

Pick from an array of sleek Kenneth Cole Reaction business bags, guaranteed to lend a professional and sophisticated vibe to any jobseeker’s look. These bags are also equipped with lots of pockets and compartments for easier organization of belongings.

The Gift: Pinnacle System’s Pinnacle Studio

The discount: 15% off + 3.0% cash back

The graduate who’s got dreams of setting up his/her own media or arts business will love this video editing software that’s known to be “a faster way to capture, edit, and share your video.” It’s a cool addition to his/her workshop!

The Gift: Labels, Postcards, and Other Marketing Materials from Avery

The discount: 10% to 15% off + 4.0% cash back

Your recipient has already started laying the groundwork for a small enterprise? Help lessen her start-up expenses by shouldering the business cards, signage, and other marketing materials. It’s the most practical gift you can give her, one that will also nurture her chosen venture.

The gift: Tableware (and other home furnishings and decor!) from Homeclick

The discount: 3% to 10% off + 2.0% cash back

If your graduate is also moving to a place of her own, any addition to her new abode is a cool gift idea. Tableware is a safe choice, not too expensive, and definitely something that’s going to be fully utilized by your recipient whether you pick the simple ones for every day, or more for special occasion designs.


Joining the “real world” isn’t easy, so fresh grads need all the help they can get. Your practical present will be a welcome addition to their grown-up life survival kit. And with Piggy ready to find awesome discounts for you, there’s no need to worry about keeping to your budget when going gift shopping for them.