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In 1995, a small ecommerce startup called Amazon celebrated its first online book sale. That same year, a Newsweek article laughed at the idea that “we’ll soon buy books and newspapers straight over the internet” and considered the idea of online shopping completely unrealistic. Luckily, Amazon was way ahead of the curve then, and has continued to stay ahead of the curve for over 25 years.

Flash forward to today, and Amazon is a household name synonymous with online shopping. The Seattle-based tech giant created a whole new way for consumers to get anything and everything with just the click of a button. As virtual shopping becomes more and more popular, Amazon continues to up its game with new features, like Amazon Fresh grocery delivery, daily sales and discounts, and even free same-day Prime shipping. Now you really can have your cake and eat it too (on the very same day, no less!).

For those of us who shop online, now more than ever, Amazon is a convenient option, sure. But is it really the most affordable? With so many products to choose from, searching for discounts and comparing Amazon prices for every item in your virtual shopping cart is just way too time-consuming.

That’s where Piggy comes in!


The Amazon Price Comparison Tool You Need

We’ve created a free Amazon Price comparison tool that lets you shop as you normally would, while your internet browser does all of the hard work by comparing Amazon prices for you! Consider the Piggy Amazon price comparison extension as your online shopping secret weapon. Now you can shop for any Amazon product with confidence and never have to worry if you missed out on a coupon or if an item is available at a lower price from another Amazon seller.

With Piggy’s price comparison Amazon tool and a few helpful online shopping tips, you can become an expert Amazon shopper in no time.

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Why Choose Piggy’s Amazon Price Comparison Extension Tool

First, let’s break down how Piggy’s Amazon price comparison chrome extension works and how it can help you find the best deals every time you shop on Amazon.

Amazon partners with over 2.5 million sellers, so prices for a single item can differ significantly, and even change multiple times a day. So, when you search for a product, Piggy’s Amazon comparison tool automatically looks at other Amazon sellers to see if the same product is available at a lower overall price. Piggy’s one-of-a-kind Amazon price comparison software even factors in shipping costs, taxes, and whether you have an Amazon Prime membership.

When you are on an Amazon product page, be sure to keep an eye out for the blue Piggy savings button. This is your key to comparing prices on Amazon. If your item is available at a lower price, click on the Piggy savings button to review the price match and add the item directly to your cart. If you’ve already found the lowest price for that product, the Piggy savings button will say “Best Price” and you can give yourself a high-five for finding an awesome Amazon deal.

Let’s review the steps you need to take to use Piggy’s Amazon price comparison tool:

Amazon price comparison is really that simple!

 Discover More Tips on How to Find The Best Price Online on Anything

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Amazon Shopping Tips That Will Save You Money

When it comes to saving money online, Piggy’s Amazon comparison tool is your best bet! But having a few extra online shopping tips on your side will help maximize your savings.

Get Amazon Prime Membership Discounts

Amazon Prime comes with tons of amazing benefits, like free two-day shipping, Amazon Video streaming, and exclusive discounts, just to name a few. If you are interested in Prime but can’t afford a membership, there are several ways to get Prime without paying full price. If you just want to see what all the hype is about, you can try Amazon Prime for free for 30 days before you commit and simply cancel before your trial is up if you change your mind.

If you’re a student or teacher with a .edu email, you can get Prime free for 6 months, and pay only half price once your free trial is over. Amazon also offers a Prime discount if you are on Medicaid, or you could split the cost of a Prime membership with Prime Household.

Avoid Shipping Costs 

Even if you don’t have an Amazon Prime membership, you can still get Amazon free shipping when you spend at least $35. If you fill your cart and still haven’t met the free shipping minimum, try browsing Amazon add-ons and filler items to get you there. Prices start as low as $1 and include everything from gift cards to batteries, office supplies, beauty products, and even snacks.

Always Read Reviews

There are two important tips to always keep in mind when shopping on Amazon: compare prices and read reviews. Piggy already has the compare prices part down for you! But, no matter what you’re buying, it’s always smart to read reviews from other Amazon buyers before you tap the “Add to Cart” button. This step can save you from spending money on something that may look like a great product, but in reality just doesn’t deliver. You can even filter your search by average customer review and save yourself some time.

Get Shipping Refunds on Delayed Items 

When your Amazon order is complete, you’ll receive a notification with a shipping day or window to expect your package. Of course, shipping delays sometimes happen, especially now. However, if your item does not arrive within 24 hours-after the expected delivery date, you may be eligible for a refund of shipping charges, a full refund, or even get a one-month extension of Amazon Prime if you qualify. This tip is especially handy if you paid extra for fast shipping.

So, next time you’re shopping on Amazon– whether it’s for a brand new television or ingredients for tonight’s dinner—be sure to have the Piggy Amazon price comparison extension on your side and keep an eye out for the Piggy savings button for incredible deals every time.  

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