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Proper Ways to Shampoo and Take Care of Your Hair



“How does one shampoo their hair?” Hey guys I’m back and I am here with some great answers to that question! I have heard some comments from friends to write a hair routine/hair care tips blog entry and now’s the perfect time to do so. Well, the weather is getting colder and I know you guys are worried about your dry scalp and hair and I mean who hates glowing hair and healthy scalp? I am here to share my own tips and routine to keep that hair healthy and glowing. You’ll be shocked to know that I do not shampoo my hair every single day. I just make sure to use the perfect shampoo product.

Here is a list of tips that will help you wash your hair less often and still look gorgeous.

Tip #1: Watch your diet to make your hair stay clean longer.

Remove any fatty or fried dishes from your diet the same goes for sugar white bread and canned foods replace them with fruits and vegetables, dairy, lean meats and nuts. This will help reduce the sebaceous glands activity.

Tip #2: Use dry shampoos.

To conceal greasy shine, divide your hair into strands and apply a dry shampoo to the roots like a hair spray from a distance of eight to ten inches. If the shampoo is like talcum powder, apply it to the roots directly. Wait for 10 minutes and then comb your hair. Dry shampoos create a shell around the greasy strands that for a time makes your hair look clean.

Tip #3: Don’t neglect accessories.

if you have a fringe use a headscarf to make new hairstyle. All you need to do is wash your fringe. Pin it up and disguise it in some way. A headscarf looks good with collected or loose hair. They can also become a salvation for those with short hairdos. In addition, you can conceal greasy hair with various hair pins or headbands with flowers.

Tip #4: Pay attention to water temperature when washing your hair.

Use warm or tepid water. Hot water increases the amount of fat secreted by the skin. Also after you’ve washed your hair, it’s best to let it dry naturally. Try to avoid a hairdryer as much as you can.

Tip #5: Put your hair into braids.

Any braids do a good job of disguising greasy hair roots. The thicker the weave the better. Do a slight backcomb at the crown to conceal the more visible part of the unwashed hair. Make sure the braid doesn’t turn out smooth. A small amount of loose hair will help hide the staleness.

Tip #6: Comb your hair before bedtime.

Once you’ve settled on your pillow, pull your hair back to arrange it along the upper edge of the pillow. If your hair is long enough, make a ponytail or a loose braid. Try and make this a habit and the results will impress you.

Tip #7: Change your parting.

Switch your parting from one side to the other or replace the parting in the middle with a diagonal one. The reason is simple: our hair gets used to being arranged in a certain fashion which leads to loss of volume at the root. It also becomes dirtiest along the parting line. Ship departing to give your hair volume a new look and cleanliness.

Tip #8: Avoid flat hairdos.

Try not to give preference to smooth and sleek hairstyles. They make your hair look even Messier and greasier. The best option would be to slightly backcomb the hair at the roots to get extra volume and then secure it in a shell or a bun. Try it out and let us know in the comments what you think.

Tip #9: Wash your brushes.

Don’t forget to clean your styling tools regularly. To prevent residues of skin fat conditioner and styling substances from gluing your hair together, wash your brushes and combs once a week in warm water with shampoo or soap and don’t forget to change your brushes from time to time.

And finally, Tip # 10: The right way to wash your hair.

Dry wet hair with a t-shirt instead of a towel to smooth your frizzy hair. Don’t scrub your scalp. Instead use your fingertips to gently massage shampoo into your hair. Never ever put conditioner directly on the roof. Make sure it’s only on your hair. Bring out your hair before applying hair conditioner. It’ll make the conditioner more effective.

I hope my tips have been beneficial to you and if so, let me know in the comments section below. Check Beauty Plus Salon for the right shampoo and treatment for your hair! They even categorized their hair products by hair type! What’s more is they have UP TO 50% OFF WINTER SALE plus Free shipping on any $50 purchase. What are you waiting for? Go grab them now while it’s hot.

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