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How To Make Sure You’re Getting Quality School Essentials For Your Kids



Make it the best school year yet, both for your child and your wallet.

Make it the best school year yet, both for your child and your wallet.


School supplies are the tools your kids will use to reach their full potential, so not just anything will do. While finding bargains feels great, it’s not worth saving a little money if you’re buying low-quality things that will break and need to be replaced.

So how do you make sure your kids board the bus with nothing but the best? Keep these tips in mind, and get the most value possible out of every dollar using Piggy:

1. Chat Up Other Parents

If your child is entering third grade this year, there’s no greater expert on what she’ll actually need than the parents of a kid who just finished third grade. You can get advice about what type of supplies your kid will need and which books you can find at Barnes & Noble, where you’ll get 2 percent cash back with Piggy.

2. Scout Supplies In-Store

Buying online is convenient and lets you save money, but you should see what you’re buying in advance. Take scouting trips to Staples and make note of which notebooks seem most durable and which binders have the most pockets, then buy online and get 3 percent cash back.

3. Think Worst-Case Scenario

Debating between a $20 backpack and a $60 backpack? Think about what the consequences might be if you buy the cheaper one. If the strap breaks or the seams tear, your child could be in real discomfort or even lose things. Check out Walmart‘s huge selection of backpacks and get 2 percent cash back.

4. Buy in Bulk

Once you know that you’ve found high-quality supplies, buy some in bulk. Your child will need basics like notebooks, binders, and pencils all year, so stock up now when stores have good deals. Office Depot is great for buying in bulk, and when you get 3.5 percent cash back, you’ll save big.

5. Consult the School

Whenever you’re torn between calculator A and calculator B, call the school’s main office or contact your child’s teacher. They’re experts on school essentials and can help you make the right call about things like whether your child needs name-brand art supplies, or whether Target‘s store brand (which gives you 1 percent cash back) will do.


Set yourself and your child up for an awesome new year of learning and growing! And we’re sure your wallet will also agree that a bright year is truly up ahead.