Hello everybody and happy Easter! I thought it would be really fun to show you guys a really quick and easy treat that you can make today! I have got one of the things that is absolutely delicious and I know that you guys are going to really love it.

Let’s start on these mini pestle meringues. First thing you want to do is pre-heat your oven to 110ºC and separate three eggs. You can put aside the yolks for a cheeky little omelet because you only need the whites. To do this, whisk the egg whites until they form stiff peaks and aren’t wet in consistency. You’ll need 150 grams of caster sugar for this, but only add half in at first and continue whisking.

2. Fold in one teaspoon of vanilla extract and the remaining sugar. Separate the meringue mixture into three small bowls and add the food coloring of your choice being careful to fold not mix because we don’t want to lose the air in the meringues. You can choose to fully fold the colors in or leave it quite streaky which I actually think looks quite cool.

3. Spoon each meringue mixture into individual piping bags and cut off the tip. Depending on the size you want your mini meringue is how far up the piping bag you would cut. I wanted mine quite small, so I stayed quite near the end.

4. On two baking trays aligned with grease proof paper, take your piping bag and squeeze from directly above then pull up to finish them in a point. It might take a few practice runs, but it is pretty easy to grasp after a while.

5. Pop them in the oven for an hour. Once they fully cooled down melt some white chocolate in a bowl over a saucepan of boiling water. Dip your meringue into the melted chocolate, but be careful because they are super fragile. I knocked the top off so many of mine, I was so annoyed now.

It’s my favorite bit because of how much I love sprinkles. You basically want to dip the chocolate whilst it’s still wet into your chosen sprinkles and leave them to set

That is everything for my quick and easy Easter treats. I really hope you all have an amazing Easter!

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