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Young Entrepreneurs Are Finding New Ways To Make Money With Sams Club



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Use Piggy when you shop for goods for your business, and increase your profit margins in a big way with automatic coupons and cashback!

Sam’s Club has always been one of the go-to brands of smart entrepreneurs because of its reliability in product selection and prices.

Small business owners are especially fond of how much they can stretch their budget here. Not only can they save a lot of money on everyday essentials; utilizing Sams Club bargains to fill their shops turns out to be a quite lucrative business model. This is done by taking advantage of a what is referred to as Retail Arbitrage. A system in which one person is able to buy and sell goods in bulk at a higher price then what they paid. The younger entrepreneurs entering the market seemed to have discovered a better way to conducting business.

Ryan B. a resident of Brooklyn says “these days it’s all about cost effectiveness. Two businesses side by side selling the same merchandise. If my business is able to get the goods cheaper. I can beat out the competition in lowering my prices without sacrificing my margins. That’s exactly why I use a service like Piggy. That extra cashback on each order I make turns out to be a large savings.”

To illustrate this further. Let’s imagine if you shop using Piggy with a $5,000 budget. Say, there’s 2 percent cash back, that’s already $100 back to you. Now imagine you are doing 10’s of thousands in sales every week. These numbers begin to add up quickly. This is guaranteed money just sitting there waiting for you to claim it. Let me ask you this. If you lost $100 from your wallet, would you be disappointing? This few second shopping trick could be saving your business thousands of dollars or at the very least keeping you a leg up on the competition.

“Piggy is so easy to use, I especially love that it only activates just before I checkout so it doesn’t hinder my shopping experience” ~ Jessica P.

What if your competition is already doing this?!

Yes there is no doubt you probably already have competitors taking advantage of this neat purchasing trick. The good news is, it’s not to late to start taking advantage of this system as well. Install Piggy today, the beauty is. It even works on your favorite mobile device. You never have to worry about overpaying again!