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Raise your hands, all you foodies! If food is life for you, you also know that eating out isn’t always kind to your pocket. You might notice, after the end of a month, that all your money just went to eating out at new restaurants. Good food isn’t exactly cheap, because quality ingredients don’t always come cheap and a chef’s expertise needs to be compensated well. So, what are you supposed to do if food is life for you, but your wallet isn’t happy about all your gastronomic escapades?

The answer to that question: find ways to save money on eating out so you can still satisfy your tastebuds! Read on to learn some of our best tips to help you eat out for less, so every experience eating out will be satisfying not just for your palate, but for your bank account:

7 Ways to Save Money Eating Out

appetizers on a table

Order appetizers as your main dish.

Most restaurants have sumptuous appetizers that can make your tummy as happy as main dishes can. But they’re cheaper! If you are eating out with friends, look for appetizer samplers that you can all nibble on as you chitchat, this way you’ll get to try a variety of yummy food too. Kids will especially enjoy eating out when nachos, cheese sticks, or onion rings can count as their meal!

Share main entrees.

You can really save money on eating out by splitting main entrees with someone else. Man entrees usually come in big servings, which means most people end up taking half of it home anyway. Ask a friend, your husband, or whoever else you’re eating out with to share a main with you and you’ll instantly reduce your bill.

Make the most out of your reservation.

If you’re cutting down on the number of times you go to restaurants each month to save money on eating out, then you better make the most of each trip. Don’t scarf down your food and ask for the bill ASAP, sit and chat a while and savor the moment. Eat slowly, get those free drink refills an extra time, and enjoy your time eating out.

Opt for “to go.”

You can save on extra service charges and needing to factor in tips if you opt to take out and bring your order home or back to the office to enjoy. You may not get free refills on your coffee or Coke this way, but you’ll still get to enjoy your food from your favorite restaurants. You’ll also reduce the temptation to order dessert or a second round of drinks, which would ruin your chance to save money on eating out!

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Two words: social media.

If you follow your favorite restaurants on social media, you’ll be able to get first dibs on daily deals or monthly promotional offers. Even better, if you impress them with your photography skills by posting your food in social media and tagging them, they might even reward you with a free meal!

Take advantage of included amenities.

When you’re staying at a hotel, pop some fruits from the breakfast buffet in your bag or grab an empty water bottle and fill it with soft drinks at the refill station. There’s no reason why you can’t take full advantage of the food and drinks included in your stay. The same goes for cruises; the buffets are meant to be fully taken advantage of!

Find coupons ahead of time!

Before you order take out, delivery, or decide where to eat out, look for discount coupons! Add Piggy to your eating out ritual to be sure you save money eating out every single time. From Groupon to Olive Garden to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf or Papa Johns, Piggy can help you learn how to save money eating out with a few clicks of your mouse.

Download the Piggy Chrome Extension to Start Saving!

Now you’re ready to eat out for less!

people eating at a restaurant

Armed with Piggy in your browser and all these other ways to save money eating out, you’ll be minimizing your spending and satisfying your cravings in no time. Eating out on a budget has never been easier.

Have more ideas how to save money on eating out? We’d love to hear them, just sound off in the comments section below.

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