Beauty Cheats That Will Save You a Ton of Money




Nearly half of all women rely on beauty products to enhance their look and create a polished appearance, says a recent study by the Harris poll. Just a little bit of color on your lips or eyelids can dramatically change how you look! And many women can’t leave the house without dabbing on a little powder or mascara these days.

But, we know makeup is expensive, so most women also need some beauty cheats and ways to save money on makeup to keep their usual regimen stocked at all times. We’re big believers in making every dollar count, which is why we’ve designed our free browser extension, Piggy, to help you find deals and discounts on makeup while you shop online. How does 20 percent off hair care and styling products from Shu Uemura sound? Or free shipping on orders over $20 from e.l.f. Cosmetics? How about a complimentary deluxe-size highliner from Marc Jacobs

Don’t worry, we’re here to show you how to buy makeup on a budget, so you can stop stressing about how much you’re spending every money on beauty products.

How to Save Money on Beauty Products

According to a study commissioned by Poshly and Stowaway Cosmetics, the average woman owns 40 beauty products. And not many beauty products come cheap! However, with these handy beauty cheats (and plenty of Piggy discounts) you can start saving money on beauty products and make sure you always look your best.

woman wearing makeup

Keep an Eye Out for Free Samples.

Lots of high-end beauty stores give out free samples regularly. There’s usually a limit on how much you can take, but these little samples can go a long way. Free samples also give you the chance to try out brands or colors you might not otherwise explore, so you can purchase with confidence later on without risking any money.

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Stretch Your Beauty Products to the Last Drop!

Don’t toss out that “empty” container! If your lip liner seems dry, try putting the (sealed) container in some hot water to melt it so the remaining product flows again. Do this with clumpy mascara too, or add a few drops of saline solution to it. Try putting your last few drops of perfume into lotion to use up that last bit of scent.

makeup laid out on a cushion

Buy Beauty Products in Bigger Sizes.

If you know you’ll use a beauty product frequently and you’ve used it before, buy it in a larger size! As with most things, you can save money on beauty products when you buy in bulk.

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Get Destructive if You Have to.

Similarly to stretching your beauty products to the last drop, sometimes you have to get even more creative. A lot of times you still have a good amount of makeup left, but you can’t access it thanks to the container’s slim shape or the engineering of the lid. Don’t be afraid to take the sifters and stoppers off makeup containers to get at the good stuff inside.

Find Comparable Products.

High-end products are great, but you can often get away with something much cheaper if you’re trying to save money on beauty products. No-tears baby shampoo, for instance, can serve as a terrific makeup remover. If you have a color of lipstick you don’t like, you can often use it as a primer for your favorite color, so it’ll have better staying power, or you can blend it with another shade to diversify your color palette.

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It’s Time to Start Saving Money on Beauty Products!

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Once you know how to save money on beauty products, you’ll start to have more money in the bank for other things in your life. Save it for a rainy day, or spend it on other things you love! By following the beauty cheats above and finding incredible discounts on makeup through Piggy, you can save some serious cash and transform your beauty regimen.

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