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Back in 2000, just 22 percent of Americans shopped online. Today, approximately 80 percent of consumers turn to the web in order to make purchases; that’s equal to more than 217 million online shoppers!

The convenience of online shopping has certainly influenced this trend. But aside from the ease, the opportunity to save money while online shopping is a great attraction for many consumers. However, in order to save big, you need to know not only where to shop, but how to shop online.

How to Save Money Shopping Online with Ease

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When shopping online, you’re able to compare dozens of retailers with the click of a mouse. But when you comparing retailers online, you need to access one site after the other, without knowing whether or not you’ll find what you’re looking for. Although being able to compare is certainly a plus of online shopping, this process can be overly time consuming for the average buyer.

Some retailers offer their own apps to simplify and improve the buyer experience, but how many apps can you really fit onto your phone? After chewing up your storage, these apps also don’t allow you to actively compare or gain cash back on all of your online shopping purchases, across numerous stores. It’s no secret that most retailers offer reward programs, but once again, it’s time-consuming (and often overwhelming) to keep all of your rewards programs organized.

Until now, you’ve likely lacked a go-to app that not only simplifies your online shopping experience, but helps you save a ton of money. This is where Piggy comes into play, to solve all the price comparison dilemmas and help you save money online shopping. The Piggy Chrome Extension allows you can become a smarter online shopper, without any additional effort.

With coupons for products at over 3000 stores and websites, including Macy’s, Sephora, and Orbitz, the Piggy app will ensure you never think of shopping online the same way again. Serving as a one-stop shop, Piggy gives you the ease of scrolling through all of your favorite retailers in one place, and according to Time Magazine, you’ll get the chance to earn ‘the best cash back.’ When you use Piggy, you will save money online shopping each and every time.

But we won’t stop there, we’ve also got loads more tips to help you learn how to shop online and save as much money as possible.

10 Best Online Shopping Tips

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Find coupons and deals.

Did you skim over the first part of this blog? The absolute best way to save money online shopping is with Piggy. Just download the Piggy Chrome Extension and you’ll get instant savings from coupons and other discount offers at checkout when shopping online at thousands of stores!

Do price comparisons.

A little price comparison never hurt anyone. Take time to check the prices of products across multiple stores before deciding which deal is the best price. Many stores will offer price matching, so if you prefer to get everything in one place, just look for the best price and then take advantage of price matching at your favorite online store.

Review feedback from other customers.

Online reviews are one of the best ways to know what the product you’re looking at is actually life. Reading reviews can also help you verify that the retailer provides good customer service, high quality products, reliable shipping, and everything else you should be looking for when online shopping.

Look for subscription or membership discounts.

You can save money shopping online by joining a store’s membership program or even for subscribing to an email newsletter. These discount programs (which are often completely free to join!) are a great way to boost your online shopping savings. Just be sure you understand whether there’s an annual membership fee you’ll be charged for later. And remember with subscriptions, you can always unsubscribe from emails later if you hate when your email inbox gets buried in promotions.

Check for safe checkout options.

Many people worry about the safety of online shopping, but the main key is to look out for “https” or “secure” in the website URL when you’re getting ready to make a purchase, especially before you enter any payment information!

Avoid shipping costs.

Don’t click purchase before you see what the shipping costs are! These are normally automatically added to your order total just before you finalize the purchase, so don’t proceed too quickly. Many websites offer free shipping when you make a minimum purchase, so if you need to throw in an extra pair of socks or a keychain to get over that limit, the additional item can often be cheaper than forking over the $5.99 and up average shipping costs.

Be aware of shipping times.

Along with shipping costs, if you’re new to shopping online you should keep an eye out for shipping options, and what each one’s estimated time of arrival is. When you’re trying to save money while online shopping, you don’t want to be disappointed when you have to wait weeks for the product to arrive (especially when the item might be sitting right in a store near you!). But  don’t worry, 3-5 day shipping is a pretty standard option for most online shopping purchases. You can also keep an eye out for “site to store” or “in-store pick up” options if you’d prefer to go to your local store to pick up your item rather than getting it through the mail; this can be a faster option in some cases.

Consider getting a store credit card.

Similarly to subscriptions and memberships, store credit card holders typically get access to special discounts and deals, especially the first time you use the credit card. When you’re about to make a purchase online, the store will often prompt you to sign up for their store credit card so you can get a specific percentage discount off your first purchase. If you’re buying $20 dollars worth of products, it might not make a dent, but for larger purchases this is an ideal way to save money shopping online.

Know return policies.

Even if you follow all of the online shopping tips above, you can still ruin your shopping experience by failing to check what the return policy is for the items you select. Although reading reviews, using secure websites, choosing stores you trust, and doing price comparisons will help you shop online safely and save money, there’s still a minimal risk of being disappointed by a product when you haven’t touched it with your own hands. If you’re buying something from a new store or an item you’ve never seen in person before, be sure there’s a return policy that makes your online purchase as risk free as possible. 

Leave reviews.

Once you’ve done all of the above and your purchase arrives safe and sound to you, pay it forward to future online shoppers by leaving product or store reviews! Be honest, be kind, and be specific to make your online product review as clear as possible. If you had a great exchange with a customer service representative over the phone or your package arrived earlier than expected, mention it! These are both experiences that help influence how people shop online, and whether they choose one product over another.

Are You Ready to Save Money Online Shopping Yet?

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Why make your online shopping experience more complicated (and expensive) than it needs to be? When you’re doubling up on savings with coupons and discount offers as well as cash back from Piggy, you’ll be able to get more of what you love, for less! Now that you know how to shop online, it’s time to put these shopping tips to work!

Start Shopping Online & Saving Money Now




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