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Black Friday

Saving Quickies to Master This November



Save like a pro sans major effort!

Save like a pro sans major effort!


One of the best months in terms of shopping is November. Black Friday and Cyber Monday—need we say more? So many great options at such great prices… so much so that you might just find yourself getting anything and everything your eyes spot. You wouldn’t want to end up spending your entire budget, even the part not intended for saving, just because you saw something you like very much. It can be very hard to resist the temptation of shopping what with the one-of-a-kind Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals available.

But it’s not impossible! Your budget can remain unscathed with the right mindset and shopping strategy. Read on for some practical tips:

Repeat to self: Needs only.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and sales in general are perfect opportunities to get gadgets, pieces of furniture, and other investment pieces that are otherwise too pricey. Those items you’ve been dying to add to your home since early this year are now within your reach. Focus your eyes on and direct your shopping energy to them. So many other items will be calling out your name that we won’t we surprised if you forget about what you need in the first place. Be steadfast in keeping your eyes on the real prize—addressing your real needs at amazing prices.

Walk away.

How do you make sure you rise above (shopping) temptation? Literally walk away. Whether you’re in a brick-and-mortar store or shopping online, leave its premises when you’ve already bought your needs or that little reward for yourself. When you’ve spent the budget you’ve allotted on the right things, know that it’s time to turn away and go back to the real world. Because enjoying your purchases is in order!

Maximize the power of Piggy.

Piggy is your one-stop shop for all the best deals, sale season or not. Come Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Piggy will give you access to thousands of discounts from thousands of stores online. You’ll save so much time because you don’t need to rummage through the world wide web for deals anymore. You can spend your time on actual shopping, and enjoying your awesome finds!


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