Is your dog guilty of doing mischievous acts? It’s time you teach him how to break his bad habits for good.

Chewing Unsuitable Objects

Dogs chew random things out of boredom, loneliness or when they are teething, anxious, scared or seeking attention. Not only is this habit bad for your favorite things, it’s also dangerous for dogs. Just imagine what could happen if he accidentally chews on an electric wire!

Bad Habits Breaker: Store pillows, stuffed toys, shoes and other objects your dog loves to chew on in closets that securely close (it’s no use if your pooch can still paw the door open). If your pet is particularly fascinated with a certain table leg, coat it with an icky-tasting. non-toxic substance such as tabasco sauce or cayenne pepper. Divert his attention by keeping chew toys within his reach. Keep him healthy and busy with exercise, so that he won’t be restless.

Barking at the Doorbell

Dogs bark when they hear the sound of the doorbell because it signals a stranger’s arrival (or even danger) and they want to protect you.

Bad habit Breaker: If your dog’s barking becomes too loud and annoying, one way to break it is to make him associate the ringing doorbell with something positive such as a treat or a hug. The next time the doorbell rings, go to your dog and say “quiet” or “hush” in a soft, but firm tone. Once he stops barking, give him a treat or pat him on the head. Do this regularly and your dog will eventually stop repeating this bad habit.

Begging or Food

Dogs are drawn to the table by the good smells that come from it. To get you to give him food, he’ll try to make puppy eyes at you, lick or paw at your ankle, bark at you or combine all antics.

Bad Habit Breaker: It will take your entire family’s firm resolve to break this nasty habit. Make sure absolutely no one feeds him the whole time you’re having your meal. Be consistent and your pooch will eventually realize that begging will get him nowhere. To lessen his misery, give him toys to distract him.

Peeing Inside the House

There many reasons why dogs pee inside the house, but in most cases, it’s because they want to mark their territory.

Bad Habit Breaker: When you catch your dog in action, interrupt him with a firm “no” and bring him outdoors where he can resume peeing. When he’s done, praise him for peeing outside and give him a treat. Do your best to remove the scent of pee on his favorite indoor spots, as smelling his urine would only encourage him to pee on the same areas again.

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