How to Get the Best Deals Shopping at Sephora




When you’re looking for a new makeup palette, skincare product, or hair care helper, we bet you’d log on to Sephora online as fast as anyone who notices something strange in their neighborhood would call the Ghostbusters. A long-time frontrunner when it comes to the widest and most exciting selection of beauty finds online, Sephora just keeps on getting better and better in terms of product offerings. Name the beauty brand or the product, and they’ve got it—so much so that it’s quite challenging to narrow down your selection when you shop Sephora online if you’ve got a strict budget.

Thankfully, they’ve always been generous when it comes to giving freebies and Sephora discounts to customers. From samples that come free with a specific purchase to flash sales to good ‘ol product discounts, Sephora has many ways of making its patrons’ hearts happy. Aligning with its continuous pursuit of giving beauty lovers the best, Sephora has partnered with Piggy to offer even cooler discounts for customers shopping at Sephora.

You can earn money with the 2.0% cash back you can get every time you shop Sephora online via Piggy! And this is actual cash back you will get, not rewards points or gift certificates, so you’re free to spend it on whatever you want, even in the offline world. Along with amazing cash back, here are some of the most irresistible Sephora deals you must not miss!

Top Sephora Deals for Online Shoppers

Sephora store

Free Samples with Every Purchase

Every time you shop Sephora online, you get a choice of two free samples no matter how much you spend.

Memorial Day Sale

Get up to 50% off shopping at Sephora during Memorial Day weekend.

Year Round Free Shipping

Sephora online offers 3 day shipping on all U.S. orders of $50 or more year round.

Free Burberry Pouch

Get a Burberry Pouch When You Purchase a Burberry Fragrance at Sephora online.

Complimentary Atomizer

Purchase a Tom Ford fragrance and you can get a free atomizer with your order.

Free Trial Size Products

Choose from a variety of trial size products, including mascara, sunscreen, eyeliner, serums, shampoo, and more, when you make a $25 purchase.

Buy Three, Get One Free

When you buy three Sephora collection masks, you can get one free!

Free Birthday Gift

Get a free birthday gift from Sephora on every birthday. This year’s birthday gift is a three piece set of products from your choice of brand, including Milk Makeup, Sol de Janeiro, and Briogeo.

Unlimited 1-2 Day Shipping

For just $15 a year, you can unlimited 1-2 day shipping when shopping at Sephora online.

Free Returns

Sephora online offers free returns on all purchases, whether you return through mail or in-store.

Ready to Put These Sephora Shopping Tips to Use?

Girl putting on lipstick

Now that you know all the Sephora deals you’ll have at your fingertips, it’s time to start shopping for the beauty products available. Your face, body, and even your wallet, will thank you for it.

Shop Sephora online today, beauty maven!

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