12 Best Things to Buy in September & October




Before November begins, long before Halloween approaches, there are loads of September sales as well as sales in October for American shoppers to take advantage of. The September-October sales tend to kick off with Labor Day sales and end with last minute Halloween sales, before the holiday shopping season officially begins. Although shopping during these sale seasons will definitely save you some money, you can get double, even triple, the value for your money if you shop using Piggy in combination with sales. Thanks to our large selection of stores, exclusive cash back offers, and countless deals, you’ll be able to make the most of your budget.

To help you take full advantage of sales in September and October, we’ve compiled a list of the best things to buy during each respective month, based on our expert insight into annual sales!

Best Things To Buy In September

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As summer starts to wind down, there are loads of stores trying to offload their overstocked goods to make room for the surge in holiday shopping and shift in consumers’ needs as the season changes. Here are some of the best things to buy in September if you’re really searching for the biggest discounts thanks to September sales:

Summer Wear

Most importantly, swimwear goes on sale right at the end of summer, when everyone is getting ready to throw on their jackets, sweaters, and scarfs. No one is rushing to buy a swimsuit after Labor Day, because they know it’s back to school time or that winter is just around the corner. However, this makes it the perfect time to find great discounts and deals on swimwear, and summer clothes too.

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Although Apple attempts to release new product upgrades multiple times a year, September is the ideal time of year to invest in an iPhone. They usually announce new generation iPhones in the later part of the year, which means all previous generations get price cuts as demand for the newest version grows.

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This may seem like a random one, but for some reason most mattress sales fall during the month of September, as well as in early Spring. Most mattress sales in September will fall on Labor Day weekend, so keep your eye out for Labor Day sales to know which brands will be on sale. If you really want to make sure you get the mattress you want, then start shopping in-store ahead of time and try out different models so you’ll be able to easily pull the trigger when September sales are announced.

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As with swimsuits, not many people think about investing in a bicycle right when the weather starts to cool down and snow shovels start replacing bikes outside many stores. However, this decrease in demand makes September sales on bikes even better! Even if you don’t plan on using a bicycle throughout the winter, you’ll be thankful you got the best deal when you could when spring rolls around.

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Swing Sets

Are you starting to notice a pattern with these September sales? Lots of summer-related products, right? There’s no better time for stores to offload summer goods than by offering discounts through sales in September. Swing sets are yet another one of the best things to buy in September. Stores won’t want to break them down and repackage them for the winter, and storing them outside all winter isn’t exactly great for wear and tear on swing sets, so offering parents a great deal is a good way to get them sold ASAP.

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School Supplies

When September is nearly over, pretty much every student has a well-stocked backpack filled with all their essential school supplies, which leads to some great September sales on school supplies. If you’ve already bought enough school supplies to last your kid through Christmas, you can still stock up on school supplies during sales in September so you don’t have to think about buying another notebook or pencil until the next school year.

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Best Things To Buy In October

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When October hits, U.S. consumers know summer is really, truly, over for the year and thoughts of the holiday season begin to creep into everyday life. Although holiday shopping and sales definitely don’t pop up at stores until Halloween is over, there are plenty of sales in October worth taking advantage of. Here are the best things to buy in October when you’re searching for great deals before the holiday rush:


Everyone is stocking up on jeans in the fall, which creates competition to have the best October sales on jeans. Not to mention, many stores overstock jeans for back to school shopping and end up needing to get them out of the way to make room for more cold weather staples when the holidays get closer.

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Patio Furniture

October might not be the cosiest time to sit outside on your patio, but that’s exactly the reason why October sales on patio furniture are ideal for your budget. You can upgrade your back yard with discounted patio furniture in October, so you’re all set for the long awaited spring weather next year. Products that have anything to do with outdoor living are some of the best things to buy in October.

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Camping Gear

Although campgrounds reach their peak during the summer months (which, to be honest, is all the more reason not to go camping in the summer), good things come to those who wait it out and purchase camping gear when October sales come around. Camping gear isn’t hard to store in your garage if winter comes early, and then you’ll be all set for camping when spring arrives without having to fork over a bunch of money to buy your camping gear at full price.

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Air Conditioners

Since October is just about when you want to start thinking about turning your heat on, it is the perfect time to buy air conditioners on sale. While stores are prepping for winter weather necessities, they’ll start launching October sales on summer appliances to make space in their stock rooms.

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Garden Supplies

Since there won’t be many flowers blooming or planting going on, October sales on garden supplies can get you amazing deals on all your gardening essentials. Although buying garden tools online can seem a bit pricey when you factor in shipping, so just look out for stores that offer free shipping to save the most money.

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Halloween Costumes & Decor

This one might seem silly, but if you really wait until the last minute, you’ll find the most amazing October sales on Halloween costumes and decorations. No one wants to fork over $20 or more on a halloween costume, so stock up when they go on sale in October and you will be patting yourself on the back next year for preparing so far ahead.

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September Deals & October Sales are Waiting for You!

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Start shopping online with Piggy as soon as September rolls around, and don’t stop when October hits, if you want to find some of the best deals before the holiday shopping season begins. Whether you’re prepping for the holidays, trying to get discounts you’ll be grateful for next summer, or just plain old shopping for deals, there are sales in September and October worth keeping an eye out for!

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