Amazon Surpise

It’s not every day you get surprises when you are shopping amazon isn’t it?  In fact a recent study done by some Harvard grads that proved the #1 reason people shop amazon was for convenience & consistency.  So you can about imagine when we heard this, it blew our minds as well.

I was shopping Amazon and noticed this new button that said “Save 12.95”, I never expected this at all.

What Christy was referring too was a coupon and cashback extension known as PiggyThis free chrome extension works with over 3,000 brands to apply coupons automatically whenever you shop online. It’s quite popular and has over 1 Million users already with raving 5 star reviews. Recently this extension implemented a new tool for amazon specifically to scour for better prices.

It looks a little something like this.

Free Money Saving Tool

If there is a product on amazon already that is cheaper, Piggy will notify you. And yes, it factors in your Prime Membership and 2 day shipping so don’t get your panties all tied up.

Once the app finds you a better price, you just click it and add it directly to your amazon cart.

It's quite simple and ingenious really.

It’s a pretty slick tool, no doubt a surprise for users seeing it for the first time. I heard some users have even been able to modify their settings to allow the tool to price compare amazon against brands like Wal-Mart and ebay. So now they aren’t only getting the best price at amazon, but likely the best price period. If you need that link again to that free Google Chrome Coupon Extension known as Piggy, you can get it here.


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