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Quicken is one of the most popular personal finance software platforms out there, but did you know that they’ve launched a new app?

We were so impressed when we took a look at the Simplifi by Quicken app, and today we are going to go through our Simplifi by Quicken review. Whether you are new to budgeting or feel like you’re a budgeting pro, this app is going to be a complete game-changer for you!

If you are interested in improving your finances with little effort on your end, read on to check out our Simplifi by Quicken review. Let’s go!

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What Is Simplifi by Quicken?

So, what is Simplifi by Quicken? Simplifi by Quicken is the new app that Quicken launched. You have probably heard of Quicken, as it’s one of the most popular platforms for getting an overall picture of your finances.

Quicken took a look at what was missing in the market, and put together an app to cover all of your needs. The Simplifi by Quicken app not only gives you an overview of your finances, it also has features that will help you achieve the most financial success with it.

How Does Simplifi by Quicken Work?

Simplifi by Quicken is really easy to use, but you need to do a bit of groundwork to get it all set up.

One of the best things about Quicken products is that you can connect all of your accounts. No more having to open multiple ones at once to know how much money you have!

So first, you will need to link all of your accounts – bank accounts, savings accounts, retirement accounts, and so on. This includes Simplifi by Quicken Schwab. Once they’re all linked, you’ll be able to see all of your finances together and start to make a plan on how you can improve them.

There are so many things that you will be able to look at within your account. You don’t want to get overwhelmed, so pick one thing to focus on first. and then move on to the others. You can put together your spending plan (budget) and set any savings goals that you have. This will really help you to keep on track in both the short-term and long-term. You can also manage things like any subscriptions that you have, to make sure that you aren’t paying for something that you don’t use.

Simplifi Features

Simplifi by Quicken Features

There are so many features within Quicken Simplifi – we are seriously impressed with how they appear to have thought of everything! These are some of our favorite features:

Spending Plan

A spending plan is another name for a budget – within Simplifi by Quicken a custom spending plan will be created, which will also show you how much you have left to spend.

We also love the way that it is laid out, with really cool graphics and graphs to show you a clear picture.

Savings Goals

When you are working towards a savings goal, it’s nice to see how you are doing and how far you have to go – this feature is within the app, for both short-term and long-term goals.


If you don’t want to set up a full budget, there are certain areas within your spending that you are able to keep an eye on, by setting up Watchlists.

Keep Your Bills & Subscriptions in Check

It’s easy within Simplifi to keep an eye on your bills and subscriptions to make sure you are not paying for anything that you aren’t using. You can also get notifications about any bills that are coming up with the date that will be coming out, which will help with avoiding any late payments.


As well as the notifications that you can get for your bills, you can also get them when you are close to a goal.

From a security point of view, you will also get alerts when there is a large transaction going in or out of your account, as well as any unusual activity that’s detected.

One of our favorite insights is the monthly summary which shows the overall picture of how the month went.

Simplifi by Quicken Fees

Simplifi by Quicken Fees

You can sign up for a 30 day free trial and cancel if you don’t want to proceed.

Outside of the free trial, it’s $3.99 per month or if you go for the annual option it works out as $2.99 per month ($35.99 total for the year).

Even though Simplifi is a Quicken product, you won’t get the two of them together – you will need to purchase them separately if you want both the product and the app, but please note that they don’t connect together.

How to Sign up For Simplifi by Quicken

It’s really easy to get started and sign up for the Simplifi app! Before you get started, please know that you can only use Simplifi by Quicken if you are in the U.S. and it can only be used with U.S. banks.

To sign up to Simplifi by Quicken, follow these steps:

  1. Head over to
  2. Click ‘Start your free 30 day trial’
  3. Choose which payment method you want to go for (monthly or annual)
  4. Enter your details, including your payment information
  5. Once it’s gone through, you can select ‘Let’s Get Started’
  6. You’re good to go!

Simplifi by Quicken Pros and Cons


  • Simplifi is part of Quicken, who have been around since 1983, as a leading personal finance management software.
  • They have promised that it will be ad-free, which is different from the norm.
  • You can see a great overall look at all of your finances in one place, which saves a lot of time and gives a lot of clarity.
  • There are so many features to really help you with your finances, such as the spending plan, notifications to help you not miss a payment, projected balances, and more.
  • You can customize it to your liking!


  • You will need to have a lot of things set up already. For example, if you have a retirement goal but you don’t have something set up for that, this isn’t exactly encouraged through the app.
  • It’s currently only available to U.S. residents.
  • You can’t use Quicken and Simplifi together.

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Simplifi by Quicken Alternatives

Don’t want to give Simplifi by Quicken a go? Not to worry, there are some alternatives that you can try out instead:

  • Mint
  • Personal Capital
  • You Need a Budget
  • EveryDollar
  • PocketSmith 

There are lots of personal finance software reviews out there, but we hope this Quicken Simplifi review has given you ample insight to choose what’s best for you!

Check Out Simplifi By Quicken For Yourself

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